The People

ADviSE-NL consists of two international consultants with a background in energy and development, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency and policy design.


Ad Dankers
Director &
senior consultant
Ad Dankers (1963, The Netherlands) is the director and founder of ADviSE- NL and has been active in the field of sustainable energy and climate change for over a decade. He has an MSc in Technology Management and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. Ad Dankers has worked with the UNDP/GEF Climate Change Unit in New York, the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) and the International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) at Enschede (Netherlands).

He covers energy policy and planning, climate change, project financing, institutional development, biomass, wind technology, energy and rural development, energy saving.

Ad Dankers has been closely involved with UNDP-GEF project identification and design since the mid 90's and recently with CDM project development. He has acquired working experience in almost 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe and has lived in the USA, South-Africa, Colombia and Thailand. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch and has a working knowledge of French, German and Afrikaans.


Remi Rijs
Senior consultant
Remi Rijs (1964, The Netherlands) has an MSc in Applied Physics and is an expert in wind energy. He completed a 2-year postgraduate course in Applied Physics at Eindhoven University and worked as a consultant on energy projects for developing countries. He was enrolled by a private wind farm developer in The Netherlands and worked on project development, wind resource assessment and the design of software tools for deregulated energy markets. He lived in Mexico-City where he worked with the government on implementing energy saving measures for public lighting.

Remi Rijs has worked in the field of renewables for over a decade and was co-director of the International Course on the Implementation of Wind Energy organised at the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN. Remi has working experience in several countries (Spain, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay, South Africa). He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Dutch and has a good knowledge of German, French and Italian.