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This is a bridge bidding system, based on Lukasz Slawinski's (and Stanislaw Ruminski's) weak opening system (WOS) "REGRES"

System and web site are the creation of
Marcel den Broeder

Author has Mr. Slawinski's approval for using his basic schemes

REGRESsion falls under the Highly Unusual Methods and Brownsticker Convention Regulations

Depending on the country you live in: for a more or less non HUM / BS version see biddingsystem "ROWOS" (= red system)

Why should one use the idea of a weak opening system which developed throughout the sixties and resulted in 1970 in the form of the REGRES system?

Lukasz Slawinski's ideas are in my opinion still valid and worthwhile to be practiced.
Because of all the restrictions at the end of 1977 the interest in WOS has decreased. Playing online has no restriction regarding HUM and BS, and gives the intermediate player a good opportunity to gain experience with another type of bidding system. which is one of the reasons for this website.

For those who are familiar with
Regres see the following adjustments for REGRESsion.


From my experience and correspondence with Lukasz Slawinski I know that, because of the HUM/BS regulations, using such a system under the present regulations is impossible without forcing into unnecessary mental acrobation how to put the system within the limits.
Nevertheless I have made an attemp with the version ROWOS. My aim was to maintain as far as possible the structure and precision of REGRESsion. Sometimes leading of course to mixed-up descriptions of distributions and a more complicated structure.

I hope you will enjoy your stay and become a supporter of Weak Opening Systems!



©Lukasz Slawinski for:
- design of the Basics
- Singleton Delta Scheme
- double-transfers in Balanced Scheme

Last update : January 13, 2007

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