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Shirley after her bath
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Shirley on the stairs

As you may be aware, unfortunately Shirley Brahms passed away...
There won't be new updates here, but do have a look at the beautiful bronze that was made of Shirley by artist Rosemary Cook. Click here


Hi all! It's me again! Just to try and keep you up to date with what's been happening to little `ol` me over the past few weeks.

Well, as you may already know, I took some time out too help the animal charity The PDSA raise some money and awareness for other little animals that don't have as fortunate lives as some of us!

Anyway, here is a list of events that led up to the beautiful picture that you see in your calendar.

Monday morning early November, I am awakened by Daddy John very early in the morning. He seems very keen to get to the park. (Anyone would think it was his treat the way he was carrying on!). Admittedly, in his favour, he did have my breakfast in his hand.
Anyway, when we got to the park there was none of my friends there. It was obviously too early for Hector and Polly and no-way was I going too see Wooster.
Just darkness, me, Daddy John and a whole tribe of really loud and very annoying Geese. They make such a song and dance when you walk by them, and...wait for it, they hiss at you! As if anyone would really want to go near them...although they do leave nice parcels of perfume. I suppose it's their way of apologising for their behaviour.
After a quick trip that is over far -far too quick I end up against my will back at home. Luckily I have some bikkies still in my bowl so all is not lost.
Daddy John disappeared upstairs so I didn't take much notice, then just as I was settling down for a little nap, the worst thing you can imagine happened: my ear cocked up. Please - let my hearing be going, please don't let it be..., but it was! I could hear it clearly now the B-Word! It was running! And I was praying: please don't let it be for me!
I sneaked to the foot off the stairs and sneaked a peek up them. Maybe it was Mummy's?
"That's it!" I thought. "She'll be having one before going to work!"
I calmed myself down and got my favourite seat on the couch.
"Hello Baby." It was Mummy's voice. I opened one eye, quickly followed by the other. She was fully dressed and ready to leave for work.
This could mean only one thing..! And before I knew it, I was under Daddy John`s arm and heading towards the
It was horrible, as Daddy John tried to drown me. (Okay I might be exaggerating but it felt like it.) Mummy stood there making silly faces, and I thought: "Just you wait! You're supposed to love me?"
Before you knew it, it was all over. I don't really understand what all the fuss was about in the first place and stayed quite still while I was dried off.
I got quite pampered the rest off the day which of course is just fine by me.

The following morning; another early start. (I ask you!) The park trip was unusually quick that morning and when I tried to replace the perfume that was washed off the day before (just a little behind my ear), Daddy John nearly had a fit and kept threatening me with the B-Word again! He really should calm himself.
Anyway, we got back home and just as I was straightening myself out, Mummy appeared and got into the car.
We where then driven too the photographers studios. This is when I sussed out what was going on.
As Mummy was getting her dress on, I got very friendly with the designer lady, who kept saying how lovely I looked and giving me treats. (She so honest that lady!) All was going well till he (Daddy John) appeared in the room and the nice lady was told I didn't need anymore. The cheek off it! I thought: "Right! You want to play that little game do you?"
We all got called into the studio, We passed some T.V Chef and his two dogs. They where giants, but I was in such a mood over the treats that I was ready for a go! Luckily for them, Daddy John pulled me away, because they where getting it Big-Time! Excitement over, I just strolled onto the set for the photos. The lady that was there was saying " Oh! I was really worried about Shirley with them big dogs!" I thought: "You're so worried? I don't even get a treat!"

That was it. I had decided that they could have two minutes to take the photos. All of a sudden, like a bad rash, he's popped up again (Daddy-John). He's now trying to put a tiara in my hair to match Mummy's.
He put it in (against my will) and he headed over towards the photographer, who then asked him to try and get my attention.
I thought: "Here we go! Revenge is sweet!" Mummy was standing looking beautiful (admittedly) but there he was, Daddy John, lying on the floor under the camera (wait for it), 'clicking his fingers' trying to get my attention, I looked just about everywhere except at him. Eventually, with him screaming like a mad man, I stared straight at him, heard the photographer saying I've got the photo, so I promptly put my paw up and pulled the tiara off.
I had made it perfectly clear time was up. I had a little stroll around the studio and was feeling quite proud off my participation.

So on that note I will go now. Speak to you all soon and in the mean time be good to your dog-and everyone else's!
Love you all,

The One, The Only:
Shirley B.

Dot Dot