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Shirley after her bath
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Me with daddy John. Look how happy he was to get a trip to the seaside!

MY PAGE by Shirley Brahms (the real one)

Over the next few months I will be doing a report of my week. After all, I'm the most important person in the family!
I will be telling you all about my trips to the park, how to avoid bath time and generally how many things I can get away with!
Each week I shall put up a picture just to show you how clever I am, and just how bad mummy and daddy John are to me.

I had a bit of an exciting week; daddy John had to go to the seaside town of Hove, so of course I decided I'd like to go as well!
I’ve only ever been to the seaside once so I was really looking forward to the trip. We were going to be setting off late evening, as daddy John had to wait for his friend to finish work because he was coming as well.
Mummy got herself busy by packing up food for daddy John and his friend, and also a bag full of treats for me for the next few days.
As daddy left to get the car, mummy brought the bag of goodies upstairs from the kitchen. I couldn’t believe the good fortune when she set it down beside me!
As good doggies do, I put my nose in the bag for a peep. To my complete surprise and joy, a big box with what looked to be a pizza (it was spelt with a Q, my spelling isn't that good, but it was big and creamy) fell open. Naturally I tucked in! I had a problem with the silver foil dish at the bottom so I just ripped it up and cleared it.
I was feeling quite thirsty by this point so I had another look in the bag, and then spotted my doggie treats. Seeing as they where mine, I decided to have a few. Before I knew it they where all gone, and so were the packet of chocolate biscuits and nice sponge cake that were next to it! Feeling so full up, I thought I wouldn’t mind a little nap before setting off. Daddy John appeared minutes later. Something had obviously upset him because he was shouting and screaming. I just thought: "Please keep it down I’m trying to sleep!"

After he’d cleared the mess from the pre-trip picnic, mummy arrived. She was really sad to see me go, as she was calling my name constantly. Then she said to daddy John: "Just take her." (I don’t think she wanted me to go because she couldn’t even look at me).
The trip in the car seemed to take an age and we had to stop four times on the way, as I needed to spend a penny or two.
When we arrived in Hove it was quite rainy and cold. I had a quick tour about the sea front but then decided that was it and pulled on my lead to let daddy John know he’d had long enough out and I was going home.
The next morning, there was beautiful sunshine. Making sure I would get my breakfast, I thought I’d take daddy John out for his walk. We walked along the sea front again and I saw all the local Hove dogs. Some were very rude and didn’t even stop for a sniff (I ask you!). I then took daddy John and his friend for their breakfast at this little café at the sea front. It was lovely, but I had to keep jumping up to let them know I was there or I wouldn’t have had any breakfast myself!
The beach was full of stones, I tried to have a wander on it, but after a few steps I declined (I could have broken a nail!).
We had a nice few days and daddy John had completed his work, so we set off for home. I knew mummy would be waiting with open arms!

Back home, normal service was resumed; my daily trip to Hyde Park. I do like getting away, but the park is my favourite. You can have a roll in all your favourite things (it also upsets daddy John as he drives back home with all the windows open).
That's all for this week, but I’ll be back again next time.
Love you lots,

Shirley Brahms

Dot Dot