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Shirley after her bath
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November 2002

Shirley on the stairs

This is me refusing to go for a hair-cut.
Even the duck agrees it`s not nice!

Shirley's pages

Me, getting dressed up!

MY PAGE by Shirley Brahms (the real one)

Hi all,

Sorry I've been a bit late getting this to paper, but you just wouldnt believe the week Ive had!
Firstly, daddy John cleared off on business. That meant fewer trips to the park, as I had to walk the street with mummy. I ask you what kind of life is that for a prize Cairn?! (When theres no grass between me and the floor then I, I... well I struggle!)
Anyway, on his return I got back to what I know best: patrolling my park...well the Queens park, but I look after it for her!

Anyway, those of you who know me will know that Im a beautiful blonde, but Id like to introduce you to some of my friends from all over the globe:
In my local area there is Squid, hes a Jack Russell. Hes fun and for those that dont know: he hops not limps (apparently its their thing).
Then theres Missy, shes a Miniature Jack Russell. I stay at her house when mummy and dad are away. Shes only young and Im still in the process of showing her how to get an extra treat for giving your paw up when they say: "Gimme five!" and fall about laughing and hug you when you do it. Easy peasy, shell soon learn.
Ben is a longhaired Dachshund. He recently lost his brother. Very upsetting, but hes fine now. He just scares Squid as a hobby.
In Hyde Park I meet up with Moss. Hes a black and white Border Collie. Hes trained and chases sticks!
Then theres Carly. She's fun, but a bit quick for me.
Robbie is a Scottish terrier and hes like me and prefers the leisurely stroll. (We do like to chase a few squirrels, but when I caught one between my paws, I dont know who was more shocked - it jumped out and ran up the tree!)
There is also another cairn in the park called Nico, but hes very quiet.
But I have to tell you about the deadliest rival I have in the park (Mr Fox), hes so sly and sneaky! He keeps popping out between the railings and when you try and approach him, he clears off!
Hes a bit clever too. One early morning when it was misty, we were walking past one of the trees that are behind the railings and he suddenly came flying down a bent over tree! He was obviously up to something because he was followed by a very angry crow that was swooping down on him! That said, Ive had crows swoop down on me for nothing. They really are so nasty! But Foxy is different. Daddy John likes him, but I know hes up to no good! Hopefully I will soon have some photo footage just to show you how sneaky he is.
Oh dear! I nearly forgot Woster! He's another friend. Hes a great big Dalmatian. He uses the park and is also on the lookout for Foxy.
Allie lives in Scotland and shes a Cocker Spaniel. I visited her once but she wasnt happy when I nicked her bed! But then again that's show business...
I know its not been an entertaining week, but its been mine.
Speak to you all soon!

Shirley B.

Dot Dot