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Shirley after her bath
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Shirley on the stairs

This is me refusing to go for a hair-cut.
Even the duck agrees it`s not nice!

Shirley's pages

MY PAGE by Shirley Brahms (the real one)

Hi all,

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

I can tell you I was! Until last Sunday when I read the Sunday paper THE NEWS OF THE WORLD. In it there was an article from a young guy that has just left Eastenders.
I think he's called Jack Ryder...Anyway, that's not important, but he certainly knows my name, as he was quick enough to bring it up. He had the cheek to refer to me as "This dog called Shirley that roams around the set".
He also had harsh words for the cast members, but that is not my fight!
This is.

He obviously thought, "Iíll pick on the poor defenceless dog." (Wrong move sonny!) Does he think Iím some young puppy that is wet behind the ears?

Firstly little man, (sorry: little boy) I have been in the acting game since you where still in nappies (actually, looking at you that could be last night)!

Alright, new approach: I have been in the acting game for nearly 12 years and you might do well to note, that my first performance was with John Inman in Grace & Favour (I was the guard dog!). Which is a coincidence, because John now runs a panto company and that could be your next job, so choose your words carefully or I wonít put in a good word for you.

Anyway I will let you all decide. Here is a list of my credits with a list of his:


  • Grace & Favour
  • The Big Breakfast
  • Generation Game (X=3)
  • Steve Wright Show
  • Good Morning
  • Gloria Huniford Show
  • Eastenders Fighting Fit
  • Lorraine Kelly Show
  • Grangehill (by accident!)
  • Just a Minute
  • Life On TheBox
  • Paul Ross Show
  • EastEnders
  • ?????
P.S. During filming one day, he came and lay down beside me, and started being all friendly.
I should have remembered the old saying, "If you lay down with bad actors, you get slagged off!"

Shirley B.

PLAYFUL - Shirley tells her pal Honey , in the snow at Hyde Park yesterday, of her ordeal at the hands of the evil Ryder

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