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Shirley after her bath
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Shirley on the stairs

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"Not a chance!! - And I can hold this pose all day if need be!"


Hi all,
its good to be back! We were hijacked but are back up and running thanks to my Dutch friend Anneloes. Itís been so long I donít really know where to start, but here goes.

My friends in the park are all keeping fine and Hector (a bearded collie) is as boisterous as ever. Iím having trouble keeping up with him as he springs and pounces, because as you all know Iím only a little lady.
Also some sad news, my friend Allie in Scotland has passed away, as has another friend, Moss. I will miss them dearly as will their families.

Well now as you can see from the photo above, Mummy had a little stint on the talk show V Graham Norton. In the show they started showing photos of some poor pooches being dressed up in ludicrous outfits, and surprise-surprise, Mummy, the one with the big mouth said: "Oh Yes! Iím always dressing Shirley up!"
Well let me put the record straight, I hate it and as you can see from above there is not a catís (sorry for swearing) chance in hell that Iíll be putting that outfit on, no-way!

When Mummy was away in Texas, I stayed with my auntie Isobel, who is also Mummy to Missy. I think Iíve told you about her, she is a miniature Jack Russell whose ears tend to look bigger than her entire body, and she yelps instead of barking, which I can tell you leaves me wishing I could put my paws in mine.

Since we last spoke I have been to Scotland again. I love it up there, it is so green and there are plenty of hills to run up and down, although it takes a bit longer now to recover than it used to.
Iíve also been to the beach twice! Iím still frightened of the water, but I love walking along the wet sand and even had my front two paws in the sea, not very long admittedly, but at least they where there.
I was also guest of honour at Daddyís birthday party in April. It was so nice to see all my fans from television coming up to greet me.

I will close this time with a doggie charity that is close to my heart: "The Friends Of The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund", registered charity no.803599.
This means a lot to me as they are all little pretty doggies like me, but not as fortunate as me. Log in above and youíll see what I mean.
Anyway, good to be back and love to all of you, old & new.

Shirley B.

"Mr Ratcliff, I win the staring competition,
so lets have that cake then."

Dot Dot