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Recent earthquakes in Asia

Scroll down for USA Tornado Map with (during Tornado Alert) LIVE Storm Chaser Video!


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Earthquakes at Google Maps

The US Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) allows you to monitor global earthquakes in near real-time, visit seismic stations around the world, and search the web for earthquake or region-related information.
IRIS Seismic monitor | Recent earthquakes | Recent major earthquakes)

WorldQuakes USQuakes Europe

Latest earthquakes in the World | Latest earthquakes in the USA | Europe Last 7 days (USGS)

One of the research departments of US Geological Survey is the Earthquake hazards program. At the site you find all kind of information about earthquakes in US and the world, detailed regional maps about the earthquakes of last 7 days, historical information about all kind of earthquakes in US and World, and other issues.



USGS: California & Nevada | SeismoCam (USA) Nevada | San Francisco (US National Earthquake Information Center)

California is waiting for 'The Big One'; the big earthquake (> 6.7 Richter Scale) scientists expect with 99% chance within 30 years. The USGS page for California and Nevada and the weekly seismicity reports pay much attention. South California Data Center has more information.


BACKGROUND: Earthquake (Wikipedia) | Earthquakes (USGS) Kaye M. Shedlock & Louis C. Pakiser | Earthquakes (Weather Wiz Kids) | Earthquake Facts and Follies (CERI) | Earthquake Database Search quakes | Earthquakes last week at Google Map | EarthquakeTrack (Twitter) | Earthquake tracking maps | Earthquake Videos (Google Video) | Seismic report (Twitter) | Worldwide earthquake locator > Map (Edinburgh Earth Observatory)

REGIONAL: Australia last 30 days (Geoscience Australia) | British Isles last 30 days (British Geological Survey) | Canada last month (Natural Resources Canada) | Earthquakes Iceland last 48 hours ( | India and neighbourhood since 2006 (India Meteorologica Department) | Japan last week (Japan Meteorological Agency) | Latest in New Zealand (Geonet) | USA: Alaska Recent (Alaska Earthquake Information Center |

HISTORIC EARTHQUAKES: links to photos and stories | British Geological Survey | Dr. George P.C. & recent | USGS | Yahoo | Deadliest in history (LiveScience) | History of great earthquakes (Pacific Disaster Center) | Lists & maps (USGS) | Maps and lists ( | Newspaper archive | Statistics | Today in earthquake history (USGS) | Lists & maps (USGS) | 1556: China, Shaanxi ( Worst in history: 830,000 dead | 1755: Lisbon (Wikipedia) | 1755: Lisbon (Dr. George P.C.) | 1906: San Francisco (Virtual museum of the city of San Francisco) | 1989: San Francisco (SFMuseum)



Hawaii Solar Astronomy: Global tropical storms Click the map to get the original site; click an area there for regional information.



Sea Waves Global outlook (Surfline)
Click map for animated forecast of 120 hours is the most comprehensive surf-related web site on the Internet. They want to be the site for "real surfers -- those of us who do it in the ocean, on wind-borne waves, and who frequently suffer from such unsightly ailments as saltwater sinus drain, bone-clogged ear canals, sandpaper-like eyeball pimples and dermatological sun damage of the highest order". You find cams and reports from surf spots anywhere, global and regional surf forecasts, videos and photos and all kind of other information like travel tips. And, of course, the latest surf news.


Atlantic basin tropical weather page ( | Atlantic tropical storms since 1851 (Unisys) | Live Hurricane Tracker ( | US National Hurricane Center (National Weather Service) | Names 2008-2013 (NOAA) | Storm reports (Twitter) | Tropical storm and hurricane webcams (Leonard's Cam World) | Tropical storm risk | Tropical storm track around the world (Tom Metcalf)| Tropical weather (Weather Underground) | 24hr Tropical winds in the US (


Hurricane Rita was the fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded and the most intense tropical cyclone ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico. Rita caused $11.3 billion in damage on the U.S. Gulf Coast in September 2005. Rita was the seventeenth named storm, tenth hurricane, fifth major hurricane, and third Category 5 hurricane of the historic 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. Rita made landfall on September 24 between Sabine Pass, Texas and Johnsons Bayou, Louisiana, as a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. It continued on through parts of southeast Texas.
The website Cyclone Rita offers situation reports, damage maps, Hurricane Rita diary, situation reports from Texas and Florida, local emergency management offices, evacuation and evacuee information, Rita flood images, discussion board, preparedness, environmental and health affects, flood damage map. The Disaster Center is linked to links, shelter information, phone numbers, Emergency management, message boards. And hurricane situations nowadays.


StormStudyCam StormStudyConditions

StormTeam Vehicle Cams (North Carolina - USA) During stormes more frequent updates.

The StormStudy Project in North Carolina (USA) is a personally (by John Van Pelt) funded project with the goal of providing constant public awareness of severe weather threats to the citizens of the United States including flooding, thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and dangerous winter weather. (Attention for the impressive movies in the header iof the site!). They also help gather weather data, that's helpful in forecasting and verifying severe weather, for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Raleigh, NC and other areas in which we travel through our affiliation with Central Carolina Skywarn, the volunteer spotter organization in their part of North Carolina.
In 1999 they created the the world first and longest running wireless mobile weathercam & weather station. In 2002 they filed the first ever hurricane report to the National Hurricane Center. Since they made more important contributions. During Atlantic Hurricane Season (June 1 - September 30) they travel to the sites of hurricane landfalls to help with ground truth reporting for the National Hurricane Center via Amateur (ham) radio.


USA Tornado Map (Google Maps) with (during Tornaldo Alert) LIVE Storm Chaser Video! Click GREEN car | Tornado Videos (

Tornado Alert (Twitter) | Storm Reports (Twitter) | Images in 32 different shapes ( | In 20th century (NOAA) | Nature's most violent storms | Severe weather (NOAA) | Severe weather forecast ( | Tornado (Wikipedia) | Tornado news (Twitter) | Tornado and severe weather ( | Tornado project online | US: Past 24 hours (

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