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Hurricane Katrina (2005) (NOAA) animation

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ImageOfTheDay The Image of the Day > (click picture for full image) is a daily selection out of the detailed imagery of significant environmental events by the team of Operational Significant Event Imagery (OSEI). Look for the daily images to see what happens in the world today. At the OSEI site you find thousands of satellite pictures about natural phenomena, like fires, floods, severe weather conditions, storms, tropical cyclones, dust storms, icebergs, snow cover and volcanoes. A special section gives details about Hurricane Mitch (1998).

Other OSEI images: Current Events | Dust Storms | Fires | Floods | Icebergs | Oceans | Snow | Storms | Tropical Events | Volcanoes | Unique Imagery

Earth Observatory Natural Hazards: Dust & Smoke | Fires | Floods | Severe Storms | Volcanoes | Unique Imagery. More at World Webcam Monitor Natural Events.

Other useful links:
NOAA, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with its
NOAA Satellite Service Division and
NESDIS, the US Natural Environmental Satellite, Information and Data Center



April 15, 2010: Het northern air space of Europe is closed air traffic after an ash cloud from Eyafallajökull is spreading over the area. Around 11.00 GMT last planes from Britain are leaving the country. (RadarVirtuel Europees air traffic LIVE) >

March 21, 2010, after 187 years, an eruption started below the glacier Eyjafjallajökull (Wikipedia) at Iceland.
April 15, 2010: Here comes the ash! (NOS) | Animation ash cloud (ESA) | Satellite picture ash cloud (Mobypicture) | Icelands Disruptive Volcano (The Big Picture) | Other pictures volcano, April 15 (Flickr.com)

LIVE webcam from Fimmvorduhalsi | Thorolfsfelli | Valahnuk (Mila.is)

Other LIVE webcams (Vodafone.is)

Impressing video: Eruption Eyjafjallajökull Kadamatful (YouTube) | Dangerous beauty Iriya (Flickr) | Timelapse ash plume Kristleifsson (YouTube)

Other links

Latest (IceNews.is)
Reykjavik Hekla Volcano Webcam has more details, three live webcams and a video of the eruption.
Scienceblog.com discusses the issue at Eruption started at Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland.
IJsland vreest voor grotere vulkaanuitbarsting (Scientias.nl)
Eyjafjallajökull and Katla: restless neighbours (Volcanism.wordpress.com)
"New Iceland mountain needs a name" (IcelandReview.com)
Foto's (Sersveitin.123.is)


Redoubt Redoubt

Redoubt Volcano from AVO's Redoubt Hut, approximately 7.5 mi (12 km)| Redoubt Volcano from Unocal Platform Anna, 38 miles SE of Mt. Spurr

HOT: March 23, 2009: Mount Redoubt Red Alert (Alaska Volcano Observatory) | Alaska under ash (YouTube) from Onweer-online.nl | Recent images (Avo.alaska.edu) | Alaska volcano Redoubt erupts (Duskthroughnarrowstreets) | Redboubt webcam loop Brian McNoldy | Webcams Alaska volcanoes (Avo.alaska.edu) | Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Spurr (Williwaw-ldw blog)

etna < Etna (VolcanoEtna.com)


The volcano Etna (3,329 metres, 10,922 ft) at Italian island of Sicily is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. In 396 BC, an eruption of Etna is said to have thwarted the Carthaginians in their attempt to advance on Syracuse during the First Sicilian War. Since the year 1600 A.D., there have been at least 60 flank eruptions and countless summit eruptions; nearly half of these have occurred since the start of the 20th century, and the 3rd millennium has seen five flank eruptions of Etna so far, in 2001, 2002-2003, 2004-2005,2007 and 2008.

Etna: Latest eruption (VolcanoEtna.com) | Etna volcano (Geology.com) | Eruption history (Volcano Live) | Webcams (INGV)


WhiteIsland Taranaki Geysir

(1) White Island Volcano | (2) Mount Taranaki | (3) Ngauruhoe

New Zealand has a lot of volcanic activity. Check the alerts.
(1) White Island (Maori: Whakaari) lies 48 kilometres off New Zealand's Bay of Plenty coastline. The active volcano and private scenic reserve is accessible by boat and helicopter. Visitors to the island can walk right inside its main crater just above sea level with a minimum of physical effort and without undue risk. A photo and video gallery shows what you miss.
(2) Mount Taranaki is a dormant volcano, located in Egmont National Park, in the southwest corner of North Island. Its symmetrical snow-capped cone towers majestically near the Tasman Sea coast. Abel Tasman said: 'It's the noblest hill I’ve ever seen'
(3) Ngauruhoe is a beautifully shaped volcano on the edge of the Tongariro massif. Ngauruhoe is new Zealand's most active volcano with 61 eruptions since 1839.


St.Helens Popocatepetl SanSalvador

St. Helens (Washington - USA) National Volcanic Monument | Popocatepetl (Mexico) | San Salvador (El Salvador)


Fuji (Japan)

Iwate Klyuchevskoy Shiveluch

Iwate (Japan) | Klyuchevskoy (Russia) Kamsjatka peninsula | Shiveluch (Russia) Kamsjatka peninsula


Latest volcano news at World Alert Map (more at Disasters 1/4) | Satellite Watch of the ten most active volcanos | Alert level of selected volcanoes (International Volcano Research Center) | Earth's active volcanoes (Michigan Tech)| Ring of fire (WorldAtlas.com) | Volcano events (OSEI) | Volcanoes around the World Map (CBS News) | Volcanoes of the world (Global Volcanism Program) Find a Volcano by Region | Volcano news John Seach) | Webcams Alaska volcanoes (Avo.alaska.edu) | Weekly volcano report (SI/USGS) | World map of volcanoes (Global Volcanism Program)



River watch (Darmouth Flood Observatory). Click map for detailed information.

Empty box? Few floods!


In the top-10 of the World's worst floods by death toll (Epic Disasters) China has the first six mentions. In the first four cases it was the Huang He, the Yellow River (Map), that came far out if its watercourse. One of the major reasons for the flooding is the high silt content that gives the river its yellow tint (and thus its name). The silt—which constitutes as much as 60% of its volume—builds up until the river actually is higher than the surrounding land. The tendency to flood is exacerbated by ice dams which block the river in Mongolia; the dams back up the water, and then release devastating walls of water when they break. The history of flooding has prompted the Communist Chinese government to embark on a program of building dams for flood control. The dams, however, have not proven entirely effective and have been the target of criticism from environmentalists.

Worst floods: 1. Huang He (Yellow) River, China (1931) 1,000,000 to 3,700,000 causualties | 2. Huang He, China (1887) 900,000 to 2,000,000 | 3. Huang He, China (1938) 500,000 - 900,000 Nationalist Chinese troops under Chiang Kai-Shek when they broke the levees in an attempt to turn back advancing Japanese troops. | 4. Huang He, China (1642) 300,000 Chinese rebels destroy the dikes along the city of Kaifeng, flooding the surrounding countryside. | 5. Ru River, Banqiao Dam, China, (1975) 230,000 Collapse of the Banquia Dam (and others), following a heavy rain caused by a typhoon. Worst dam related collapse in history. | 6. Yangtze River, China (1931) 145,000 The Yangtze has had more than 1,000 recorded floods. | 7. The Netherlands and England (1099) 100,000 Storm and high tides in Thames and flood North Sea | 8. The Netherlands (1287) 50,000 A seawall on the Zuider Zee failed. | 9. Neva River, Russia (1824) 10,000 Ice dam clogged the Neva, flooding nearby cities. | 10. The Netherlands (1421) 10,000 North Sea storm flooded wide area in South Holland in this St. Elisabethsvloed. (Epic Disasters)


Floods Major floods 1985-2006 > (Darmouth Flood Observatory)

Darmouth Flood Observatory:
Flood Alerts | World Atlas of Large Flood Events since 1985: Global flood archive 1985-2007 (animated) | Number | Duration | Season | Causes | Recurrence < 10 - >100 years | Fatalities | Displaced people | Economical costs | River watch | Archives Click links for more information.
World: Flood news (Infopig.com) | The Genesis flood (Christiananswers.net) | Flood Map (Google Maps) Sea level rise

Europe: European flood alert system (EFAS) download alert map

USA: National Weather Service (NOAA) Actual weather warnings | River flood and flash flood warnings (NexLab)


Special: Katrina Flooding (2005) at animated map (The Times Picayune)

World: Flood legends (Nwcreation.net) | Flood myths (About.com) | Flood stories from around the world (Talkorigins.org) | Noah's flood (National Geographic) | Floods, avalanches and tidal waves (infoplease.com) | Flood timeline 21st century (MapReport.com)

Nederland: 838-1953 Many Floods (Wikipedia) | 838-1953 > 1953: Zeeland, The Netherlands animated (Deltawerken)

USA: Ice Age floods (IAFI.org) | Flood and high flow (USGS) > Significant floods in 20th century (USGS)



< Animation of the Indian Ocean Tsunami (Kenji Satake, AIST, Japan) Click map for more details.


An undersea earthquake on December 26, 2004, with a magnitude to 9.3 and an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, caused the Asian Tsunami, that inundated the coasts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. More than 250,000 people were killed.


The great earthquake and tsunami (Dr. George PC) | Internet resources (East & Southeast Asis) | Magnitude 9.1 (USGS) | Most destructive? (National Geographic) | Pacific Tsunami Museum | Phuket photo gallery (Hellmut Issels) | Quicktime animation (Dr. Steven Ward) | References (Global Security) | Scientific Background (Columbia University) | Sumatra earthquake and tsunami (NOAA)

The tsunami display usually is empty. That is favourable. It means: at this moment tsunami is not a 'trend' at Twitter. If, however, any tsunami hits any coast, you'll find here a lot of 'hot' information.


Palma < Tsunami simulation movies (Santa Cruz Earth & Planetary Sciences)

Islands of volcanic origin, such as the Canaries, have an especially large potential for triggering a tsunami. That the Canaries constitute a danger was shown 300,000 years ago when a part of the island El Hierro slid into the sea, triggering a mega-tsunami which carried rocks as high as a house for many hundreds of metres into the interior of the east coast of what is today the USA.
The danger of a similar island collapse is seen by scientists particularly at the island of La Palma in the Canaries. Here, following a volcanic eruption in 1949 almost half of the mountain range of 20 km moved westwards towards the sea, leaving a large tear in the volcanic basalt. In the event of a fresh eruption, a huge part of the volcano could loosen itself due to differences in the types of rock and diverse water deposits within the now active volcano. As a result, the densely populated east coast of America would be massively threatened.
According to a computer simulation by Stephen N. Ward and Simon Day, a tsunami (purple-red on the graphics) would rush across the Atlantic if the slopes of the Cumbre Vieja volcano were to collapse into the sea.

After the Asian tsunami of Cristmas 2004 the possibility of a Palma tsunami caused a media hype. The dangers described, however, were convincing denied.

Maps of historical occurrences of tsunamis in the Atlantic | Indian Ocean | Pacific Ocean | Mediterranean (Tsunami Institute)


Tsunamis in history (Cwarn.org) | Recent tsunami and earthquake history (Acehtsunami.com) | Historic tsunamis in Atlantic Ocean (Tsunami Alarm System) | Surviving a tsunami Lessons from Chile, Hawaii and Japan (USGS) | Tsunami! (University of Washington) | Tsunami relief (Google) |

ALERT: Latest event | Tsunami warning and alert system (Cwarn.org) | Australia | Pacific Warning Center > US West Coast and Alaska > Tsunami messages for all regions Past 60 days (NOAA) | Hawaii tsunami map viewer (Tsunami Museum) | Tsunami al(:rt

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