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- February 25th 2007
Aaaaand... We're updated! No, not with chat quotes. Those are still sort of underway, more or less, but I
have fixed the site so that the Gallery of Gifts is now once again accessible, and it even has some new additions, so check it out. And if you feel like it, go look in the Stories section, where I have two new short stories uploaded, namely an Arcadia story named Scale and an original story named Retry / Abort?. I'm particularly pleased with the latter. I hope people will like it.
Hopefully now that this is done, I'll work on getting the chatquotes back up to date, huh? Here's to hoping!

- January 28th 2006
Update time! Lots and lots of pictures and images in the Gallery of Gifts, some new Station 8 Chat Quotes, of course, and a few fun links in the Attic. Don't forget to have a look.

- September 4th 2005
And we're back in business! That is, we are
updated! It has been rather a while, and you will found a small explanation about that in the Attic. Of course, who wants to go there when they can look at the updated Gallery of Gifts? And, when you are done with that, there are have seven months worth of Station 8 Chat Quotes waiting to be read. Enjoy it! Or else...

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UPDATED! (Sort of...)

Okay, now that my explanation as to what happened to half the site has been up for more than six months, complete with typoes, I guess it's time to put something else up here.

So where is the update? Well, I have no excuse. Or rather, I have one, but not something that should interest someone waiting for the damn chatquotes! I have been tired, overworked, locked in introspection, and generally have been extremely unproductive in my daily, non-professional life. You should have seen the pile of junk I had to move to get to the paper with the login-code to the site! (In my defense: I knew precisely where it lay. I'm not sure if this is actually in my defense, though.)

Having said that, I desided to actually get off my backside and do something. Chat quotes, I hear you ask, hope in your voice? Well... Of course not! I'm halfway through processing them, but it's a very tiring and dull process, and, well, I refer to my statement above. I haven't given up hope yet, though.

What I did do, though, is fix the site. The gallery is now available again, as is the 'Prophecy' download (as if anyone would know what THAT is), while the Gathering galleries, er, well... Erm... I've got 2001. I'm kind of short on webspace now, so we'll have to do without 2004, I'm afraid.

Anyway, I hope the fact that I will have an actual functional website will motivate me to finish up the chat quotes and deliver them in one big chat quote explosion. In the mean time: updates in the Gallery and the Stories sections!

Well, welcome to my little corner of the web. Let me start by saying these pages will not change your life. They will not present you with anything of major importance, they do not presume to be what you have always been looking for. These pages contain a number of things all of which are of amusement or importance to me. I have long wondered if they were worth yet another personal website in which no one will be interested. Finally I decided that there was one reason I do need a site: people drew me pictures.

So I encourage you, the visitor, to go over to the gallery section and look at what people made for me. After that, feel free to look around. Who knows, there might be something here you like. Just one thing: any comments, suggestions, whatever, let me know, okay? arno.jacobs@gmail.com

Last updated: February 25th 2007

Most requested link: Station 8 Chat Quotes
  • The Attic - Stuff that basically does not fit anywhere else on the page because it is too random, or too minor, or I simply don't have enough time to do it properly. Where so you put the stuff you don't know what to do with? In the attic, of course.
  • Stories - It's taken me some time to dare to admit this in public, but... I wrote some stories. They're rather big, but I would appreciate any feedback.
  • Gallery of Gifts - The feeling you get when you find someone used their drawing skills to make something for you is a great one indeed. go look at what other people made for or (partly) because of me. They deserve it.
  • Photo Album - A section entirely dedicated to photographs of my various exploits. Which are neither abundant, nor very interesting, but if you're interested, you will find some Gathering pictures in there.
  • Station 8 - This is definately my favourite place on the net. So much so even that I have enough material to devote a seperate section to it, that has become home to the irregularly updated Station 8 Chat Quotes.
  • Miscellaneous - And then there was some other stuff. My favourite show, my favourite chatroom, before it got its own main section, and more... You get the idea.
  • Links - Links to other places, each one far better than this one... Probably the highlight of the site, no? ;)
  • About me - Want to hear about me? No, wait! It's really interesting. Honest! Come back!