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These are the pictures that have been made for me, of me or of my characters by various kind people who's sites you really wish to visit. Click the thumbnails for a full version of the picture in question.

I believe this is the very first picture anyone ever made for me. The result of a roleplay in Station 8 where Jessie tries to convince me that I need to protect her from Pokemon of all things because I owe her a favour. Picture by Jessie.

A picture from an RP related to the one mentioned above. Jessie does me a favour by protecting me from the scary Bremusa. Picture by Jessie.

The very first picture of Keebler, the sheep from my story "Nooit". So who cares that he's not supposed to have wings? The facial expression is perfect. Picture by Jessie.

After I informed Jessie of the wingless status of Keebler the sheep she drew this second version. Look mommy! No wings! Picture by Jessie.

Keebler, the sheep from "Nooit", while merely intended as a one note joke, has clearly gained more popularity than any other character. Especially Jessie seems quite fond of him, as demonstrated in this picture. Picture by Jessie.

A terrific picture and probably my favourite one. Based on a scene from "The Demon's Eye", another story I wrote, the matching phrase is "Keebler, I would appreciate it if you would NOT SCARE THE DRAGON!" The first time Nooit got fully drawn, and also the first time Polly, the blue dragon from the aforementioned story, makes an appearence in a picture. Picture by Jessie.

Truely a great picture in the litteral sense of the word, this is a picture of a lot of characters from the Arcadia Clan. From left to right, top to bottom: Kessalia, Arno, Robert, The Master, Poleithne, Damocles, Delphine, Kyshandra, Mika, Nooit, Jason, Jessie, Anatidae, Maradydd, Keebler and Corsica. Picture by Jessie.

Here we have Nooit, another character from the story "Nooit". This neat character picture is to my knowledge the only one I ever specifically requested. Picture by Jessie.

Polly gets into even more trouble. Picture by Jessie.

Me, Kessalia, Jason and Jessie all looking real cool and stuff. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie's remarkable output of Arcadia-related pictures earned her a promotion to baroness from the Master. More people got promoted that day. Among others I became duke of the Plains and portreeve of the West, though we are still not sure what this means, while one of my characters also got elevated to baronhood... Picture by Jessie.

Bremusa is a rather energetic teenager who me and Kessalia once jokingly considered adopting. It was at this point that she entered chat and declared us mommy and daddy, and to this day she affectionally refers to me as daddy when she's not refering to me as dolt, bum or sukkel. The day after the adoption we received this picture. Isn't that cute? Picture by Bremusa, and don't ask what the balloon is, please.

Bremusa is possibly Nooit's biggest personal fan, to a point where she has attempted to marry him on several occasions. This picture was a gift to her from Kessalia. Bremusa and Nooit, together at last. Picture by Kessalia.

DeLancy definately requires a new tailor. The large and thick captain as portrayed by Jessie.

And suddenly, Jessie decided to draw Perry from "The Demon's Eye". Isn't he fuzzy, as far as soldiers go? I like the way he has his jacket tied around his waist. Picture by Jessie.

More Perry, this time in uniform. The main purpose of this picture was to design a uniform for the Ward division of the Arcadian Army, something which had been sorely lacking. Design and picture by Jessie. Note the Ward crest: A sheep.

Perry and I get to look all tough and cool in this picture, based on a story Jessie's writing. We sure need a bath though. Picture by Jessie.

Kessalia loves seeing me with wings, particularly the white feathery kind. Lucky for her she has a Miracle Of Flight Gun. Picture drawn by Jessie and coloured by Kessalia.

During a roleplay in Station 8 my character was faced with the unusual problem of being turned into a great black dragon. It was later that day when, all in a days work, someone happily knocked down a support wall. Luckily I was around to make sure the ceiling stayed put. If there's anything missing from the picture it's people discussing who wants pizza and where to order. Picture by Jessie.

As a great black dragon you're sure to be noticed, right? Except by Kiva, who blissfully trod all over me then swiftly drew this picture. She doesn't like to admit it, but she's a great artist who uses way too little of her talent. Picture by Kiva.

Clearly, being a great black dragon has its advantages too. For instance, you get a lot of respect, right? ... Right? Picture by Jessie.

Seeing me as a great black dragon appearently got rid of Elisa's artists block, or so she told me when she showed me this picture. Well... Glad I could help. Saying hi to a dragon can be a lot of work... Picture by Elisa.

Zoe Bastet was kind enough to draw my dragon form too. Can you tell who is who? Inked and everything, picture by Zoe Bastet.

When Jessie got turned into a black baby dragon in a short moment of dragon-hype, Malibu tried to take care of her as best as he could. Of course, everybody's a critic... Picture by Jessie.

Shortly after my dragon-problem started I expressed my concern at the fact that I was now running around naked. This was the inspiration for this picture, which really requires no further comment. Picture by MAui (the Marvelous).

Whoever said I was a harmless little Dutchman? This is me smiling for the camera. Actually, it is a picture inspired by "The Demon's Eye". Picture by Jessie.

I don't like to tease Jessie, it's just that... I love to tease her. This picture she sent to Kessalia who was away for some 7 weeks in some geology camp. The Dutchman dicing with Death. Picture by Jessie.

Finally a picture of Sirius, from "The Demon's Eye", and a rather cool one too. It is a depiction from a specific 'scene' from the story in which my story-version spends a lot of time looking mean. Picture by Jessie.

Another three minute sketch from the woman who pretends she has no talent. the wolf is Kiva, who the dragon is I am no longer going to explain. "Oops, sorry Arno, didn't see you there again." Picture by Kiva

Yet another dragon related picture. Attempts to change me back to normal generally seem to have various degrees of success, ranging from poor to disasterous. This one is somewhere inbetween. Picture by Elisa.

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