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These are the pictures that have been made for me, of me or of my characters by various kind people who's sites you really wish to visit. Click the thumbnails for a full version of the picture in question.

If I told you I fully understood what this picture was about I would. As it is, what could I say!? Picture by Jessie.

Another picture from "Fjern's Folly". Bludge and Fjern having a moment. she drew this picture in a 'game' with Kessalia, where they'd tell each other what to draw. So technically speaking this picture is for Kessalia. But those are my characters, so Nyah! Picture by Jessie.

I've had this lying around for a while, but Bremusa had some reservations about uploading it. Finally, after much pleeding from me, she caved in, called me a Sukkel (don't ask), probably a PID too (see below), and let me put it here. the human's me, the crying gargoyle baby driving me nuts is her, and the peeking heads are Kessalia and Jessie. Picture by Bremusa.

Months ago, as I write this, Bremusa called me a PID. Two other people know what it means, and I am not one of them. I have made great effort to try and get her to tell me what a PID is, but apparently, persuasion is not my biggest talent. this picture she drew in a computer program the first time the word PID came up. Though it may not be very refined, remember, no pensils were used, and she made this in what can't have been more than a few minutes. Picture by Bremusa, and if anyone knows what a PID is, e-mail me! Please! ;)

This picture is part of the challenge between Jessie and Kessalia, where they tell each other what to draw. When Jessie was told to draw Fjern and Bludge, Kessalia was told to draw another scene from "Fjern's Folly", where Captain DeLancy and soldier George Perry were briefed by Kessalia. Picture by Kessalia.

On my request, which she makes me do now, Jessie made a first attempt at drawing Armageddon, the dragon from "Fjern's Folly". I wasn't quite satisfied with some details, and I think she wasn't quite either, but still, if I could draw that, I'd be very pleased indeed. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie's second attempt at Armageddon, and one that satisfied me a lot more on the details. Of course, we all know she probably likes Trill a lot better. See below. Picture by Jessie.

Trill is a little creature from "Fjern's Folly", one which at the time of writing this still has to enter into the story. I originally came up with her as a possible mate for Nooit, but decided against that when I started writing Nooit's story. She is hyperactive, effuse, happy and wild, and she would, as her original version, drag Nooit all over the place wether he liked it or not. She pretty much matches the description that I gave. The tail is added by Jessie, to successfully convince me that Trill needs a tail. Picture by Jessie.

A few months after coming up with Trill, I met Bremusa online. Bremusa is hyperactive, effuse, happy and wild. After she read Nooit, she also insisted that Nooit was hers, and even insists she married him, dragging him all over the place wether he likes it or not. the similarities between her and Trill are downright creepy, and when she found out about Trill, well... This is Trill stealing the Nooit doll Kessalia gave Bremusa. Bremusa is following her with another present. Picture by Bremusa.
See also Nooit and Bremusa forever!.

Jessie was there when Bremusafirst spotted her picture of Trill, and witnessed the frothing and snarling firsthand. She drew her own version of Bremusa vs. Trill. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie is writing a storyin which it seems nearly everyone is turned into a kid. It's the the Arcadia clan kids! Kessalia, Arno, Jessie, Jason, DeLancy and a very rude Keebler. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie isn't the only one who drew children versions of the Arcadia Clan. Following in her footsteps and inspired by Jessie's story, Kessalia did her own version. Arno, Kessalia and a bunch of animals. Picture by Kessalia.

This is slander. Slander I tell you, because I never stepped on anyone! Well, not on purpose anyway... Kessalia and Dubble look on as Arno-dragon regrets his course of action. Am I really this cruel? *l* Picture by Kessalia.

Well, when MAui broke a support wall with her head, I did my very best to keep it in place. Aiding me in this were MAui, throwing mashed potatoes (or some other potato product) at the cracks, and Ramona, sitting on my dragon-back sealing up the cracks with latex bodypaint. Unfortunately, Ramona disappeared from the picture. Maui was 'not having a good human day.' Look closely though, you can still see her ghost. Picture by MAui.

Yes, I know this is silly, but I'm going to put it up anyway... A momentary lapse of my senses as a dragon left me chasing cows through the meadow. Kiva produced a rendition of one of the unfortunate victims. Picture by Kiva.

Jessie, who has her own online comic, sketched an actual page of a nonexistant comic of The Wolf and the Sheep. Jason is a tad upset, Perry is trying to calm him down. Picture by Jessie.

Star draws some good Siriuses. Here is another one by her, with more lightning and stuff. Cool, isn't it? And an extra pretty background too... Picture by Star.

And another Sirius, by Mika Yuki this time, who kind of drew it between her notes. Sirius is the one on the right, the one on the left is her RP-character Snow, also a white female gargoyle. I'm not sure what she's doing. Apparently she's throwing her sword up in the air. Picture by Snow.

Malibu felt he had to draw me a picture too. Here is the spectacular result. Watch for it in the Louvre soon. Picture by Malibu.

Part of the birthday card Jessie sent me, presumably to fill up some empty space. It's a very confused dragon-Arno. I guess I was taken by surprise when they took my picture, huh? Picture by Jessie.

Jessie is rightfully proud of this one. Perry and DeLancy being official in their dress uniforms. DeLancy looks particularly DeLancy-like. Picture by Jessie.

Aha, the first picture with Apollo in it. He's a bit too large, but other than that he looks good, and I like the way he capes his wings. And doesn't Sirius look great? :) Picture by Star.

This is Bremusa's birthday gift to me, of which she took a picture to upload. she says the colours are a bit off in the picture, but isn't it a cool rendition of Sirius? Picture by Bremusa.

Another pretty picture by Star, this time of Triton and Apollo. She's not happy with the background for some inexplicable reason, but hey, let's just assume she's nuts, eh? Picture by Star.

Just in at the nick of time for an update, a picture from a scene of "Fjern's Folly". Bjorn and Beedoo! are getting along swimmingly, in full colour even. Interestingly, neither of these characters are mine, but since I asked for this, it ends up here anyway. Mine! Picture by Jessie.

This one requires some explanation. Jessie's character currently pretty much exists in two seperate story-universes. One is the original Jessie, wife of the gargoyle Malibu. The other is Jessie, girlfriend of anthro-wolf Jason. In the Arcadia universe she wrote a 'future' story in which she and Jason had two children, a story that was never finished. This very rough sketch is her final reply to us teasing Malibu'S Jessie about having children with another guy. Get it now? Picture by Jessie.

Jessie wanted to redesign Armageddon, making him look more massive. She also tried giving him some new feet. This is the final result of her efforts. What do you think? Picture by Jessie.

After Dawn Angela finally made her way through the overly massive Demon's Eye story, she was kind enough to surprise me with this picture. Her rendition of Sirius. Picture by Dawn Angela.

A most valiant attempt by Jessie to fit both the enormous Armageddon and the little Trill, both from "Fjern's Folly", into one single picture. Maybe I should have made Arma smaller, or Trill bigger. ;) Picture by Jessie, who says Armageddon's eyes are too big.

Jessie was bored and sketched this on a little memo, hence the yellow colour. Just a little joke. Picture by Jessie.

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