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These are the pictures that have been made for me, of me or of my characters by various kind people who's sites you really wish to visit. Click the thumbnails for a full version of the picture in question.

From 'Fjern's folly', DeLancy telling Venn in no uncertain terms to sit down!. Picture by Jessie

I actually forgot to include this one last time. So here it is. Perry and Kessalia, having a conversation about the good captain DeLancy, a scene from 'Fjern's Folly'. Picture by Jessie.

Cams the dragon is taking a liking to Shee. Unfortunately, it's the wrong kind of liking. Cams actually drew this picture to bribe me into not displaying another picture, which she wasn't happy about. Don't know why, they both look fine to me. Picture by Cams.

Another picture by Cams, who, earlier on, drew a picture of dragon-Arno and herself too. Dubble, Cams and the actual human Arno. The dragon seems to have shrunk a bit. We should have checked her label before washing her, I guess. Picture by Cams.

Talk with Kessalia of What We'll Do Next Time when I'm in America led to the rather frightful conclusion that we should go camping. In the mean time, she drew this picture of the two of us canoeing. Shee got to come too, the lucky thing. Picture by Kessalia.

In real life, Jessie has something against drawing things that are, in one way or another, disgusting. In the Arcadia Clan, Jessie works under captain DeLancy as the sketch artist of the Arcadian Army, Ward Division. The picture speaks for itself. Picture by Jessie.

Bremusa, the beige geargoyle worshipper of Nooit, has deviced a new theory on the origins of her former rival Trill. Picture by Bremusa, who may kill me for putting this up. ;)

Armageddon braves the elements and a sea creatures to save his friends. The only picture with Fjern, Bludge, Grey, Armageddon and Trill in it, though they might be a tad difficult to spot. This picture was only finished cause I whined and pleaded, as Jessie feels that water is not her strong point. Picture by Jessie.

Bex the griffin, Jessie's character, has his first run-in with Polly, the noble dragon. Drawn when the artist should have been paying attention to class, as evidenced by the surrounding notes. Picture by Jessie.

No, really, I am normal! Picture by Jessie.

Cams gave us all some fish as a gift. But then she complained that I wasn't taking good care of them. I don't know where she got that idea... Picture by Cams.

Poor Beedoo! has a bit of a warped mind. She is proud of this, but nevertheless, I must insist that I am not her mommy. Picture by Beedoo!.

A picture of Armageddon looking as bored as the artist was in the class where she drew it. Poor Armageddon. Poor Jessie. Picture by Jessie.

A curious addition, this. Eden, who has a thing with ankles, requested this picture of Jessie through me. Jessie then drew it and gave it to me to pass on to Eden, who then told me to tell her she loved it. I imagine it is a replacement for the lost photograph of her hugging my ankles at the Gathering. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie started on this rather a while ago, for the hollidays. Keebler, Jessie, Nooit, Kessalia, Arno, Jason, Dubble and Beedoo!, pulled by Polly and another dragon. Notice how she placed herself between Keebler and Nooit. Picture by Jessie.

A depiction of the single-scene story 'Finals Fantasy' (see Story section) that I wrote for Jessie during her finals. Picture by Jessie, all comments superfluous by default.

A picture of Nooit, because Jessie "hadn't drawn him for a while". What is he pointing at? Doesn't he know that's rude? Picture by Jessie.

A great picture this, though the reference itself was lost on me. I hear 'Cowbow Bebop' is quite popular though, and hope to be able to see it one day. This is apparently a parody of the Cowboy Bebop intro. Picture by Zoe.

Yvi got a little bored and drew my head. Then she inked it, then she scanned it, and now it's here. Picture by Yvi.

A picture of a scene in no story of mine, but envisioned by Jessie to be somewhere in the future. Jessie and Venn working for DeLancy. Venn: "No no no. Add a mustache... a few scars... Missing teeth... There, NOW it looks like DeLancy..." Picture by Jessie.

When Jessie left the chatroom I had been given a pair of elephants ears and a trunk. She very quickly drew this eledragon on the computer. Of course, by the time she returned it was lacking the green hair and pink skin with yellow dots... Picture by Jessie

Dragon-me had been turned into a tiny dragonling. Beedoo! drew her reaction to the whole situation. Won't she be a great mommy some day? Picture by Beedoo!.

A very clever picture, this. A wonderful variation on Pete and the Dragon replacing some characters with others. Picture by Cams.

Something of a requested picture. Two sketches, each of which took 2-3 minutes, of rabids: creatures from the short story "The Greatest Hero" which I am working on at the time of writing. Who knew Jessie could draw frightening things so well? Picture by Jessie.

A picture from a scene of the story "The Greatest Hero", featuring Jessie looking cool. Who do you think is winning? Piucture by Jessie.

A requested picture, as a sort of cover picture for the Station 8 based story The Greatest Hero. I did not specify what it should look like, but look at me hide behind the women. Looks good to me. Picture by Jessie.

Remember back when 'babies' shows were suddenly popular, like, Muppet Babies? Here we have the Station 8 Babies. Though I swear I wasn't a dragon as a baby. Picture by Zoe.

During a particularly boring class, presumably one involving large numbers, Jessie made an attempt to design Argor, the dragon from my Station 8ish story "The Greatest Hero". As these things go, it didn't look like I imagined him at all, but it's so cool that as far as I'm concerned, that's what he looks like now. I love the fin. Picture by Jessie.

In her desire to show me doing something mean and destroy a reputation intricately built over the years, Jessie drew a cool and even coloured picture of a scene from "The Greatest Hero". Dragon Arno and Argor about to fight mid-air. Picture by Jessie.

For my birthday I received from Jessie one of the funniest birthday cards I received in my entire life. This was not only due to the card itself, which was very funny in itself, but also because of the picture she had added on the inside. How could I not show it around? Picture by Jessie.

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