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These are the pictures that have been made for me, of me or of my characters by various kind people who's sites you really wish to visit. Click the thumbnails for a full version of the picture in question.

April 3rd was my birthday and Kythera was kind enough to send me this cool card. Having no scanner I had to scan it at work, so it's about a month late appearing on the site and the little flame on the candle has been cut off, but there it is. Picture by Kythera of Anevern.

Bit of a strange one, this one, but vain as I am I put it up anyway. Jessie regularly gets together with a bunch of 'furry' people, all of whom are quite adept with the drawing pencil. One of them had seen her sketches of dragon Arno and requested from her a picture of Arno and Shee. Quaint, no? Picture by Jessie.

My memory is a bit vague on this one, but it entailed a conversation at about 6:30 AM about dragon-me doing the "I'm king of the world!" thing. Jessie had a different idea. Picture by Jessie.

This one requires some explanation before viewing.The internet is full of tests these days. "What Sluggy Freelance character are you?", "What Power Puff Girl are you?", "What Alley McBeal character are you?". "What type of hamburger are you?" will no doubt follow at some point in time. ("You're a quarter pounder.") One test, found here, explored the question "What animal are you?". Kessalia found herself to be a mountain goat. Kiva discovered she was a bat. Jessie was a porcupine, and I won't go into what that means she likes to do in the privacy of her own bedroom according to the site. I discovered that I was a snake. Among the description of the snake's personality, however, we discovered the following sentence:

"For all their vulnerabilities, snakes exude mysterious sexual ooze that seeps into the senses of even the most discriminating people."

Now you can look. Picture by Jessie.

I have some very odd friends. Since Beedoo! thinks I'm her mommy, I received this wonderful Mother's Day card from her. Imagine having to explain to people why you got a Mother's Day card. I think it's great. Picture by Beedoo!.

Having invited me to her RP wedding, Meg drew this hypothetical picture. The sad thing is, that is probably what would have happened if I would have been there. She also made this alternative version, which is just base slander! Really! Picture by Meg.

Look what Cams drew! There can never be too many sheep, I always say, and there sure are plenty here. Aren't they cute? Picture by Cams.

At the Gathering the Arcadia Clan joined the competition of the Clan Olympics with no less than two teams, Arcadia West and Arcadia East. For these two teams Jessie each drew what could be considered a banner. This was to be the banner for Arcadia West, featuring Nooit and Keebler in sporting competition. The banner of Arcadia East does not have any reason to be in this gallery, but here it is, one of Delphine's cave lizards together with clan mascot Riptide. At the Gathering itself she drew us huge, different versions of each, which are presented here by lovely assistants Delphine and Mika. Picture by Jessie.

I found this while peeking into the chatroom when Dubble was visiting Spike. Dubble had been taken to a rodeo, I heard, and I don't actually know the story behind this picture, nor do I know if it belongs to anyone, but, er... It's got... me in it? Which is neat? Picture by Spike.

A full eight minutes did Bremusa work on this. From left to right we have dragon-Arno, Kessalia, Bremusa and Jessie, all having their own opinion about The Box. Apparently, I say 'blah' a lot because that is what most of what I say sounds like to her. Picture by Bremusa.

A comment by the artist about her own inability to show any signs of life before at least 11AM or so. Perry notices that Jessie's job at the Arcadia Army has its drawbacks. Note the bottle in her hand? Is that Mountain Dew? Code Red? What? Picture by Jessie.

There's something strangely recursive about an artist drawing another artist. Here we have a very good rendition of the vampire Venn busy with one of her pastimes. And when you're undead, there is a lot of time to pass. Picture by Jessie.

Okay, well, er... I am not actually in the picture, and neither is one of my story characters. But it's about me, isn't it? And at least my post is in there. Picture by Bremusa.

Wraith seems to have a way with the various dragons of Station 8. This is particularly true for the female segment of the dragon population. That is not to say that the steak in his back pocket did not help. Left of him for the viewer there are Cams, the small dragon and Zoe, the anthro-dragon, and to the right we have Beedoo!. And that's me behind him. Picture by Cams.

I had what I thought was an amusing idea, involving DeLancy ticketing the Wyvern, a character from a story I'm writing in another story universe, for ownership of his ridiculously large sword. I suggested this to Jessie, who made a rather hillarious addition of her own. Picture by Jessie.

Bremusa hurt her foot badly and was in pain and on crutches when she made this. It's her RP-family. She says she has a version without me in it for herself and Kessalia. Picture by Bremusa.

I forgot to include this one in the last update! It is Perry, sitting staring at the viewer. The sketch was based off a similar picture of her idol Ewan McGregor. ;) Picture by Jessie.

A somewhat unpleasant side-effect of my dragon ailment is the infrequent appearence of a Poor Pink Innocent Dragon, under the impression that I once sang a mating call at her. She is a woman of little words. She says 'Coo'. Picture by Cams.

Rather unexpectedly, Jessie decided to draw Perry and Kevin Jones, from my stories. Kevin was never really more than a bit character, but apparently, he has a beard. I think I'm going to have to make him grow one now. Picture by Jessie.

"Hey Arno," said Cams. "Do you have any ideas for a picture?"
"Well, no," i said honestly. "I can't think of anything."
"Try to think of something. I want something to draw!"
So, I thought hard and came up with four ideas. I did not expect her to draw all four. This would be the first. Blatant specieism against dragons. Picture by Cams.

And here's the second one. Dang birds never have this problem. Picture by Cams.

The third one. I don't recall mentioning this as an idea. Perhaps it was Cams'. Poor mothers. No one really realises what they have to put up with. Picture by Cams.

And the last one. I hope I'll never get in trouble with the World Wildlife Fund or Greenpeace. Or would I be a protected species? Picture by Cams.

I was the last to hear about this one! The origins of this picture trace back to Jess' mother commenting on how all her online friends would be at the wedding. Apparently, I was thought to be a good choice for a bridesmaid. Featuring Jess, Shinga, Dubble and Arno. Picture by Shinga.

Much to her own surprise Jessie retrieved this from a box or something. Though she did not recall drawing it, this picture depicts a scene from my story "The Greatest Hero". We sort of concluded that she never showed it because it appears to be only 90% finished, with missing wings and sketched hair and such. Still, it's a very amusing picture, particularly the "woosha" bit, so here it is anyway. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie's interpretation of DE and myself meeting up a few weeks ago. It certainly seems in character. ;) Picture by Jessie.

This was originally intended as (part of) a birthday gift to be sent to me, but instead Zoe gave this to me this summer when Kessalia and I picked up her and Jessie to go to the Gathering. It is quite huge; so huge, in fact, that I had to wait for a digital camera to get a digitized version to put online. This also explains the relatively poor 'scan' quality. Currently this thing is adorning the top of my printer, and quite a, er, conversation piece. Picture by Zoe.

According to Jessie, the story behind this is that DeLancy decided to join Perry and Jones on their evening out, much to their discomfort. We seem to disagree on how well DeLancy can play pool though. Jessie thinks he'd do pretty well. I don't... Picture by Jessie.

When Cams found out about DE's feelings towards my sheep Shee, this picture was the result. Very true to life. Picture by Cams.

An imagined scene for Jessie's Arcadia story 'Higher' that is now in the works. Jessie, DeLancy, Perry and Kevin Jones in a meeting. Picture by Jessie.

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