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These are the pictures that have been made for me, of me or of my characters by various kind people who's sites you really wish to visit. Click the thumbnails for a full version of the picture in question.

This picture greeted me early in the morning when I got up. Apparently Jessie had been bored in class and drew this to keep sane. She coloured it too. Perry and Venn in a sweet embrace. Mind, I don't recall this ever taking place in any story of mine. ;) Picture by Jessie.

Inspired by a conversation in the Arcadia Comment Room. DeLAncy, not as captain of the army, but as captain of the Arcadian Navy. Look at him being all dashing. Picture by Jessie.

Enthusiastic about the Disney movie Treasure Planet Jessie drew this. Starring Arno in the role of mr. Silver because 'it made the least sense'. She doesn't know herself why Jessie is running away like that, but likes the effect nontheless. Picture by Jessie.

Now this is neat. It made me laugh quite a bit. The continuing adventures of Arno and Shee, in sketchy comic form. Picture by Jessie.

In the olden days, when everything was still good and problem free, when every last chatter was fun and there was no bad newbie in sight, back when we weren't wearing pink glasses yet, chaos was the norm. RPs sprouted from out of nowhere and quickly took on ludicrous forms. These days, such RPs are rare, but not entirely dead. In fact, when one finally rolled over us, this was the result. Starring SpotWeld, Kessalia, Arno, Robert and Jessie, picture by Jessie.

Star drew Sirius again, not in colour though it was initially supposed to be. Well, black and white is nice too. I get the impression that Star likes Sirius. ;) Picture by Star.

This was a christmas gift from Star, and a very pretty one too. It's Sirius again, in a position you don't want to see her in, really. She noted herself that she forgot to add a tail, but I didn't see it either and I guess we can all pretend it's behind her body. Picture by Star.

I try not to exactly picture the characters of the stories I make, since I have found that other people, who can draw, usually come up with much better images than the ones in my mind. This is a sketch of Star's idea on what the Wyvern from the story with the same name that I am writing looks like. What struck me most was that it actually does approach my first mental images of him quite a bit. Very interesting. Picture by Star.

It's Sirius again, by Star again. She seems to have a bit of a soft spot for the gargoyle... She seems to be very graceful here. Picture by Star.

Comfortable, yet stylish clothes for the practical working dragon. It is my belief that with these human-dragon relations will improve drastically. After all, look at how dashing it makes me look. According to Jessie, it's all Kevlar. Picture by Jessie.

Dragon wear comes in all styles and sizes. Check out our free catalogue for dragon wear that fits you. Free catalogues available in all sizes. Sizes of 6 square feet or larger on request only. Picture by Jessie.
Free catalogues offer available while supplies lasts. Free offer does not include shipping or handling.

This is the Newbie Puppet. It is a puppet which, apparently, requires love and attention. I found it in my inbox one morning. Picture by Eboni.

Not just a last minute entry, but a last second entry. This is Perry as drawn based off a model from life drawing class. These classes pay off, it seems. Looks very likelike. Picture by Jessie.

Though this is officially called the Gallery of Gifts, this I drew myself. It was on the train back home from work, armed with a pen only. I can't draw to save my life, but I really wanted to get this mental image out of my head. If anything, it can serve to show the quality of all the other work her through contrast. Picture by Arno (me).

I love this one. If I ever end up with my own webserver or something, this is what I'm going to use for the 404 error message. Picture by Jessie.

This is a rather large one by Eboni, and yet only a small part of me has managed to squeeze in there. She also made a seperate version of Shee in honour of the year of the sheep. Picture by Eboni.

Zoe finally joined Arcadia and read 'Nooit'. And then she drew this. I must say that I never considered that Keebler might take a bath. With a lady even, what a ladies sheep.
I wonder if wet sheep smells... Neat picture by Zoe.

It's been rather a while, but all of a sudden Jessie decided to draw Sirius. Here she is, sitting looking all sad and reflective. Picture by Jessie.

One of the very first pictures Jessie drew for me was this one. This was well over three years ago, in 1999, when she had just started college. In april 2003 she drew it again to test the level of her improvement over the years. This is the result. Picture by Jessie.

You know, I recall, when I still chatted at university, up until the year 1999, how some people managed to have pictured drawn for them. I always thought it would be great if someone would draw me something, but that was hardly in my reach or in my control now, was it?
When I got online at home in 1999 I met Jessie, who, after a few months, drew my very first picture. And of course I played it cool (ahem), but I was elated. Soon, the second followed, and things kind of continued from there. Since then, various other people have flattered and baffeled me by drawing me, my characters, for me or because of me, and now we are here. Granted, some cheating is involved as two or three scribbles are my own miscreations, and a few images are litterally stick figure variety, but nevertheless, this is picture number 200. And what would be more fitting than half of it being drawn by Jessie, in conjunction with Zoe. I am, of course, elated. Picture by Jessie and Zoe.
Zoe's dragon is actually Trogdor, a reference to the entertaining Homestar Runner.

Star recently finished an art class and applied her newly developed skills to an attempt to draw Venn. You can tell the difference, can't you? Picture by Star.

Not stopping at one picture, Star almost immediately drew another Venn, this time sitting on a rooftop under the full moon. She says she doesn't really know herself why she look so angry, but probably Perry got away again. Picture by Star.

A picture that was conceived and drawn at the Gathering of 2003 in Manhattan. Perhaps it is best to just follow Jessie's lead and not ask. Take some time to look at the picture, though; many people seem to take a while before they 'get' it and start laughing. Picture by Jessie.

This picture was a gift (or rather, one of several gifts) from Beedoo! for me at the Gathering of 2003. I was very impressed with it. She gave it to me in a cardboard frame which I could not remove it from, so the scan is not quite as high a quality as I would have liked it to be. I am quite happy with the original though. Picture by Beedoo!.

This picture is actually rather old. Jessie found it while going through her sketch books, and realised that she never scanned this for me. So her it is, much belated: Nooit and Polly. Looking pretty good. Picture by Jessie.

When Elisa saw her older pictures on my site she told me she would draw me a new one to show that she improved. Well, who am I to stop her, right? It certainly looks pretty neat. Apparently this refers to a conversation where I confused her by explaining I was not a dragon. Picture by Elisa.

One day Cams was asking for things to draw. With the fish movie "Finding Nemo" randomly crossing my mind I naturally came to the following advice: "Draw us as fish!"
So she did, and how! No less than eight chatters made it into the picture, with more having fallen by the sideline for simple lack of space. Definately worth compliments. Picture by Cams.

Inspired by some picture ideas that will never see the light of day because I cannot draw, Star drew this. I was concerned that people might think I actually do this sort of thing, but most people respond to this with "Everybody already thinks you eat people anyway."
I am very disturbed. Picture by Star. The picture also refers to this.

After Mika cloned my dragon form into a smaller baby version, I thought it would be a nice idea to take him out trick-or-treating for Halloween. Well... Maybe next year will go better, huh? Picture by Cams.

Star drew me something for christmas. But then she she showed it to me cause she can't keep a secret. So, having already spoilt her christmas surprise, she drew another one. But, she can't keep a secret and so... Here it is. Venn this time, in a lovely green dress. I've always had trouble picturing what she'd wear if she wanted to be seductive. Well, this works, I think. Picture by Star.

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