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These are the pictures that have been made for me, of me or of my characters by various kind people who's sites you really wish to visit. Click the thumbnails for a full version of the picture in question.

Look, it's Sirius! See, Star drew this as a surprise christmas present after spoiling earlier surprises. But since she can't keep any secrets, er, here it is. Sirius in profile. Picture by Star, who now thinks I owe her a black pencil. ;)

I got a christmas card! As it happens, it's from Star. I know she's in this update a lot now, but the mail just raced this one through for some reason. She even drew something inside. She already accused me of eating people, but now it seems she thinks I am even worse than that! Picture by Star.

I mentioned before that Star kept drawing me christmas gift pictures because she could not stop herself from showing them early. This is the one it all started with. Sirius and her shiny sword. Picture by Star

And this is the picture Star did manage to keep from me. Perry and Venn. I'm not sure if I remember the scene depicted here. And what's with the hinting? ;)
I scanned it myself. I'm afraid the scan quality is not so great. Picture by Star.

This is an awesome picture; christmas time at Station 8. It looks like Shinga put a lot of work into this, as there is quite a lot of detail. What I especially like (apart from being featured in it) is the way how everyone really does act the way they usually act.
Myself, I spot the following people: Robert, Dubble, Beedoo!, Jessie, Jess, Shinga, Kessalia, Cams, Shee, MAui, DE and Spike. No one knows who the grey red-headed gargoyle is throwing a fruitcake at Jessie. Shinga says she is almost positive that she put her in to make everyone wonder. Picture by Shinga.

While Jessie rermains mostly offline, she managed to upload some drawings she made in the mean time. Here we have Keebler. The first Keebler she has drawn in over a year, probably, she says. I miss Keebler. Picture by Jessie.

This is a collection of general sketches of the Arcadian Army (Ward Division). Who thinks they can guess who's who? I can! Picture by Jessie.

Jessie's christmas card arrived very late. So it goes. When I opened it I saw this. It's 'the Wyvern', from a story I am writing. She drew it without reference so she claims it is not the best Wyvern ever, but I'm quite happy with it. Sure, some minor details are off, but it turns out I never complained about them in other pictures either. I should make up my mind. ;) Picture by Jessie.

If I recall correctly, Spike wanted to practice drawing some realistic dragons. And somehow I ended up in there as well. I rather like the worm-draging thing by the way. A worm-wyrm? Picture by Spike.

From the moment Jessie told me she drew this picture, back when she could only get online from her work, I was looking forward to seeing this one. It depicts the Wyvern from that story I've been writing for the past century, flanked by the rest of the main cast, Sonya and Argus. Oddly, I really like the Wyvern's feet. ;)
Picture by Jessie.

Perry jumping over a counter or something similar. You can't tell because it's an unfinished sketch, but I take whatever I can get my hands on. Doesn't he look dashing and determined? Picture by Jessie.

I semi-requested, or rather, suggested this to Jessie a few months ago. It was an idea that somehow sprung up from a conversation between Kessalia and myself. One word that I used in my description was "uncharacteristically". Can you spot the uncharacteristic part? Picture by Jessie.

Jessie's Monthly Gargoyles Contest entry for the February topic "Fanfic Illustrations". She chose to illustrate one of my stories, and I am quite flattered. Titled "I Don't Get It", The picture depicts a scene from the story "The Greatest Hero", in which dragon-Arno, formerly human Arno, wonders what could have happened to his anti-dragon pills:

"This is MUCH better!" Jessie exclaimed as the wind blew in her face. Sitting in the manes of the great black dragon she watched the landscape soar past.
"Hey Onar!" MAui beside her yelled down happily. "Yer fast!"
"'Course," Jessie commented. "He's got big feet."
"I don't get it," the great dragon said for the umpteenth time. "I had them when I went to sleep. I know I did."
"Ah, you probably just lost them in the fire or something," Jessie dismissed his complaint.
"No, cause I took some before I went to sleep!"
"Ah well," MAui said. With every footstep there was a loud thump, and with every thump, the pill bottle in her pocket rattled slightly.

Picture by Jessie.

Shinga drew me a birthday picture! Not so much a birthday theme but a memory of hers that she was pretty sure happened once. I like how she always gives me blue eyes. Picture by Shinga.

Instead of drawing me a picture for my birthday, Jessie got lazy and got her sister to do it. Oddly, we never met, but I know of her and she knows of me. She got the number of candles wrong, but otherwise, pretty good, huh? Picture by Stef, Jessie's sister.

One day I read my e-mail and what do I find? Star has been drawing Sirius again. She seems to be doing her magic without the Demon's Eye this time. This is rather worrying, is it not? Picture by Star.

Based on something I said. Can you look at this and still do evil? Well, MAui can, but she made it. Some people seem to agree this would make a great T-shirt. Picture by MAui.

I used to have a character called Kevin Jones in a few of my stories. He was a very minor character, serving as background for more important characters. But then Jessie started writing her own story in the same story universe, and she stole him! And now he's no longer under my control. But he's still mine, darnit, so this picture is going to be in my gallery! ;)
If you want to know what it's about, you should read Jessie's story 'Higher' when she finishes it. Picture by Jessie.

I don't actually know why Jessie drew this. The title is "Can you say 'no' to this face? I'm mostly wondering what it is he has been asking. Picture by Jessie.

Stef is Jessie's sister. Apparently she likes Perry. Rather a lot. So, as a bribe for something or other, Jessie drew them both in one single picture. Picture by Jessie.

This one has been a long time in the making. The origin of the joke is therefore somewhat unclear. Using Shee, Beedoo! has endeavoured to make sheenutbutter. Picture by Beedoo!.

This was really a big surprise. Beedoo! drew the Wyvern for me, a character from a story I have been writing, it now seems, since the dawn of time. She based her picture on the first picture of the Wyvern that Jessie drew, leading to some physical inaccuracies. However, she got his expression down perfectly. He just looks like he would look. I'm very impressed (and happy) with that. Picture by Beedoo!.

Gathering of the Gargoyles, Montreal, 2004. Dubble and Jess are messing around with an empty round cardboard sign. I am not sure who did most of the drawing, and I'm not sure what prompted them to draw Arno the dragon, but they did.
Then Dubble challenged Jess to draw a Xerox machine. The result made me say, foolishly, "Oh no! The Xerox Headquarters are on fire!"
Some alterations and a few minutes later this was the result. Picture by Jess and Dubble.

MAui had made a T-shirt of her "Evil makes me sad" drawing for me to wear. I was very happy with it and wore it with pride, attracting many comments. This is only one such comment. Picture by Flanker.

I have started a new story, The End of the World. One of the first scenes unites two of Jessie's favourite characters. She immediately celebrated by drawing them. Picture by Jessie.

Now this is awesome. A gift from Beedoo! that came to me wrapped in many thick layers of protective material. It's a tiny little sculpture of dragon-Arno! A photograph can only show you one side, but I can tell you that the detail is amazing. I'm as impressed as I am flattered. It's not a picture but it should certainly be up here. Sculpture by Beedoo! (the sheep was my own addition).

This is the first of three pictures that Cams drew quite some time ago, but never scanned. We're not sure how this came about anymore, but then, it's probably clear from the context alone. Picture by Cams, whom I promised to stress that these are old pictures.

The second of three old pictures that Cams drew. I vaguely recall this one, actually. It involved shrinking. A lot. Picture by Cams.

The last and most amusing of three old pictures that Cams drew. This one really does speak for itself. No wonder I don't even get a lump of coal. Picture by Cams.

Okay, putting this one up here is a bit dubious, since it's all Beedoo! start to finish. It's Beedoo!'s answer to a drawing I made her for christmas, my personal interpretation of what her conscience was like. Those conscience sprites are my design, though, so I'm putting it up in my gallery. So there. ;)
Picture by Beedoo!.

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