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These are the pictures that were made of me, my characters or for me, which involve the Arcadia Clan in same way, shape or form. Many of these were inspired by the stories which, amazingly, can be found in the "Stories" section of this site.

Before I wrote "Demon's Eye", I was a bit concerned that my white female gargoyle character Sirius might be seen as a copy of Syrin's white female gargoyle character Siryn. Luckily they turned out very different personality wise, but I did ask Syrin for permission beforehand, to be on the safe side. Apparently, she'd been wanting to draw Sirius ever since. Picture by Siryn, who, last I saw her, still intended to colour it.

A finished version of an earlier picture with just Jessie in it. While Jessie the artist likes DeLancy, Jessie the anthro-wolf seems less pleased to be saluting before him. Picture by Jessie.

This picture has a history. Beedoo!, or rather, the owner of this dragon character, was rushed to the hospital where they removed a brain tumor. Quite startled, a lot of people started writing her letters with drawings in them, and I figured nothing would make her laugh more than an attempted drawing of mine among all these beautiful renditions. So, forced by Jessie to do this, I set out to write her a letter and include this. Luckily, Beedoo! seemed to recover quite well and after a while I got a thank you letter in return which contained this drawing, sort of a sequel to the one I sent her. Picture by Beedoo!.

Apparently, this idea just hit Jessie, and she drew it before we came to visit her in person. Shee is the sheep I keep as a very anxious and nervous pet in chat (can't imagine why). Keebler is from my Arcadia Clan related stories. Lastly, it seems to be inspired by the following quote from "The Wolf and the Sheep":
"If you insist I could speak with a number of sheep..." he raises his hooves to draw imaginary quote-marks in the air as he says the word 'speak', "however, you must understand, sheep language consists of little more than concepts such as 'food', 'not food', 'angry' or 'scary thing'."
I think the result is pretty funny. Picture by Jessie.

This picture was drawn during a long car ride, on a bumpy road no less. It pictures Jessie's general attitude towards my attempts to crack as many dog jokes as I could. Picture by Jessie.
NOTE: No, she did not really hit me with a water bottle.

Yet another picture drawn on the long car ride, from a scene from "Fjern's Folly" that I'd written a few days earlier. Soldier Perry brings dragon beedoo! to a halt in a most unconventional manner. Jessie was not pleased with the result, especially when it comes to the placement of feet and chin. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie seems to be convinced that we (Kessalia and I) too, can draw. Kessalia maybe, but not me! Undetered, she drew Polly's head and made us copy it. Mine's on the right, Kessalia's on the left. Picture by Jessie, Kessalia and Arno.

Luna wanted to draw Nooit. She even wanted my permission, as if she needed any! *l* Anyone's free to draw any of my characters as long as I don't hate their guts to begin with. Anyway, this is Luna's version of Nooit. I don't know why, but I think he looks like he lives on Discworld for some reason. :) Picture by Luna.

A dramatised representation of events that took place during my stay in the USA. Let us have lunch, we spoke, driving through the mountains. Let us not use that table in the full blaze of the sun, but let us sit in that shadowy patch of grass, we decided. Let us evacuate from this thick cloud of gnats was the next thing we collectively thought. We ate in the car. Picture by Jessie.

Sitting at work, bored, Jessie had only a red pen, a black pen and a yellow post-it note. From it she created something amazing. I love that expression on Armageddon's face too. Picture by Jessie.

This is actually a sketch for a picture Jessie never finished. It is a mechanical bug from the story 'Fjern's Folly'. The original picture was to be of captain DeLancy and Beedoo! surrounded by them, but, well, she never drew in the bugs. Perhaps I should pester her into finishing it. The above picture is the result of my description combined with an earlier sketch, the below is how she originally envisioned it herself. Picture by Jessie.

A strange thought that came up in a conversation with Kessalia, regarding characters from my stories. What if Venn was to do community service work as secretary for the Arcadian Army Ward Division? Of course, she could only work at night, when Perry runs the place... Picture by Jessie.

From 'Fjern's folly', DeLancy telling Venn in no uncertain terms to sit down!. Picture by Jessie

I actually forgot to include this one last time. So here it is. Perry and Kessalia, having a conversation about the good captain DeLancy, a scene from 'Fjern's Folly'. Picture by Jessie.

In real life, Jessie has something against drawing things that are, in one way or another, disgusting. In the Arcadia Clan, Jessie works under captain DeLancy as the sketch artist of the Arcadian Army, Ward Division. The picture speaks for itself. Picture by Jessie.

Bremusa, the beige geargoyle worshipper of Nooit, has deviced a new theory on the origins of her former rival Trill. Picture by Bremusa, who may kill me for putting this up. ;)

Armageddon braves the elements and a sea creatures to save his friends. The only picture with Fjern, Bludge, Grey, Armageddon and Trill in it, though they might be a tad difficult to spot. This picture was only finished cause I whined and pleaded, as Jessie feels that water is not her strong point. Picture by Jessie.

Bex the griffin, Jessie's character, has his first run-in with Polly, the noble dragon. Drawn when the artist should have been paying attention to class, as evidenced by the surrounding notes. Picture by Jessie.

A picture of Armageddon looking as bored as the artist was in the class where she drew it. Poor Armageddon. Poor Jessie. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie started on this rather a while ago, for the hollidays. Keebler, Jessie, Nooit, Kessalia, Arno, Jason, Dubble and Beedoo!, pulled by Polly and another dragon. Notice how she placed herself between Keebler and Nooit. Picture by Jessie.

A depiction of the single-scene story 'Finals Fantasy' (see Story section) that I wrote for Jessie during her finals. Picture by Jessie, all comments superfluous by default.

A picture of Nooit, because Jessie "hadn't drawn him for a while". What is he pointing at? Doesn't he know that's rude? Picture by Jessie.

A picture of a scene in no story of mine, but envisioned by Jessie to be somewhere in the future. Jessie and Venn working for DeLancy. Venn: "No no no. Add a mustache... a few scars... Missing teeth... There, NOW it looks like DeLancy..." Picture by Jessie.

At the Gathering the Arcadia Clan joined the competition of the Clan Olympics with no less than two teams, Arcadia West and Arcadia East. For these two teams Jessie each drew what could be considered a banner. This was to be the banner for Arcadia West, featuring Nooit and Keebler in sporting competition. The banner of Arcadia East does not have any reason to be in this gallery, but here it is, one of Delphine's cave lizards together with clan mascot Riptide. At the Gathering itself she drew us huge, different versions of each, which are presented here by lovely assistants Delphine and Mika. Picture by Jessie.

A comment by the artist about her own inability to show any signs of life before at least 11AM or so. Perry notices that Jessie's job at the Arcadia Army has its drawbacks. Note the bottle in her hand? Is that Mountain Dew? Code Red? What? Picture by Jessie.

There's something strangely recursive about an artist drawing another artist. Here we have a very good rendition of the vampire Venn busy with one of her pastimes. And when you're undead, there is a lot of time to pass. Picture by Jessie.

I had what I thought was an amusing idea, involving DeLancy ticketing the Wyvern, a character from a story I'm writing in another story universe, for ownership of his ridiculously large sword. I suggested this to Jessie, who made a rather hillarious addition of her own. Picture by Jessie.

I forgot to include this one in the last update! It is Perry, sitting staring at the viewer. The sketch was based off a similar picture of her idol Ewan McGregor. ;) Picture by Jessie.

Rather unexpectedly, Jessie decided to draw Perry and Kevin Jones, from my stories. Kevin was never really more than a bit character, but apparently, he has a beard. I think I'm going to have to make him grow one now. Picture by Jessie.

According to Jessie, the story behind this is that DeLancy decided to join Perry and Jones on their evening out, much to their discomfort. We seem to disagree on how well DeLancy can play pool though. Jessie thinks he'd do pretty well. I don't... Picture by Jessie.

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