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These are the pictures that were made of me, my characters or for me, which involve the Arcadia Clan in same way, shape or form. Many of these were inspired by the stories which, amazingly, can be found in the "Stories" section of this site.

An imagined scene for Jessie's Arcadia story 'Higher' that is now in the works. Jessie, DeLancy, Perry and Kevin Jones in a meeting. Picture by Jessie.

This picture greeted me early in the morning when I got up. Apparently Jessie had been bored in class and drew this to keep sane. She coloured it too. Perry and Venn in a sweet embrace. Mind, I don't recall this ever taking place in any story of mine. ;) Picture by Jessie.

Inspired by a conversation in the Arcadia Comment Room. DeLAncy, not as captain of the army, but as captain of the Arcadian Navy. Look at him being all dashing. Picture by Jessie.

Star drew Sirius again, not in colour though it was initially supposed to be. Well, black and white is nice too. I get the impression that Star likes Sirius. ;) Picture by Star.

This was a christmas gift from Star, and a very pretty one too. It's Sirius again, in a position you don't want to see her in, really. She noted herself that she forgot to add a tail, but I didn't see it either and I guess we can all pretend it's behind her body. Picture by Star.

It's Sirius again, by Star again. She seems to have a bit of a soft spot for the gargoyle... She seems to be very graceful here. Picture by Star.

Not just a last minute entry, but a last second entry. This is Perry as drawn based off a model from life drawing class. These classes pay off, it seems. Looks very likelike. Picture by Jessie.

Zoe finally joined Arcadia and read 'Nooit'. And then she drew this. I must say that I never considered that Keebler might take a bath. With a lady even, what a ladies sheep.
I wonder if wet sheep smells... Neat picture by Zoe.

It's been rather a while, but all of a sudden Jessie decided to draw Sirius. Here she is, sitting looking all sad and reflective. Picture by Jessie.

Star recently finished an art class and applied her newly developed skills to an attempt to draw Venn. You can tell the difference, can't you? Picture by Star.

Not stopping at one picture, Star almost immediately drew another Venn, this time sitting on a rooftop under the full moon. She says she doesn't really know herself why she look so angry, but probably Perry got away again. Picture by Star.

This picture is actually rather old. Jessie found it while going through her sketch books, and realised that she never scanned this for me. So her it is, much belated: Nooit and Polly. Looking pretty good. Picture by Jessie.

Star drew me something for christmas. But then she she showed it to me cause she can't keep a secret. So, having already spoilt her christmas surprise, she drew another one. But, she can't keep a secret and so... Here it is. Venn this time, in a lovely green dress. I've always had trouble picturing what she'd wear if she wanted to be seductive. Well, this works, I think. Picture by Star.

Look, it's Sirius! See, Star drew this as a surprise christmas present after spoiling earlier surprises. But since she can't keep any secrets, er, here it is. Sirius in profile. Picture by Star, who now thinks I owe her a black pencil. ;)

I mentioned before that Star kept drawing me christmas gift pictures because she could not stop herself from showing them early. This is the one it all started with. Sirius and her shiny sword. Picture by Star

And this is the picture Star did manage to keep from me. Perry and Venn. I'm not sure if I remember the scene depicted here. And what's with the hinting? ;)
I scanned it myself. I'm afraid the scan quality is not so great. Picture by Star.

While Jessie rermains mostly offline, she managed to upload some drawings she made in the mean time. Here we have Keebler. The first Keebler she has drawn in over a year, probably, she says. I miss Keebler. Picture by Jessie.

This is a collection of general sketches of the Arcadian Army (Ward Division). Who thinks they can guess who's who? I can! Picture by Jessie.

Perry jumping over a counter or something similar. You can't tell because it's an unfinished sketch, but I take whatever I can get my hands on. Doesn't he look dashing and determined? Picture by Jessie.

One day I read my e-mail and what do I find? Star has been drawing Sirius again. She seems to be doing her magic without the Demon's Eye this time. This is rather worrying, is it not? Picture by Star.

I used to have a character called Kevin Jones in a few of my stories. He was a very minor character, serving as background for more important characters. But then Jessie started writing her own story in the same story universe, and she stole him! And now he's no longer under my control. But he's still mine, darnit, so this picture is going to be in my gallery! ;)
If you want to know what it's about, you should read Jessie's story 'Higher' when she finishes it. Picture by Jessie.

Stef is Jessie's sister. Apparently she likes Perry. Rather a lot. So, as a bribe for something or other, Jessie drew them both in one single picture. Picture by Jessie.

I have started a new story, The End of the World. One of the first scenes unites two of Jessie's favourite characters. She immediately celebrated by drawing them. Picture by Jessie.

A sketch of the dragon Armageddon from my story "Fjern's Folly", apparently just because Jessie felt like drawing him. Somehow he looks older and grumpier here. Perhaps some years have passed? Picture by Jessie.

Here we have Mort, from the story "The End of the World", which I am currently writing (very slowly). I only described Mort as a small, grey gargoyle with a beak, but Jessie found that, while she was drawing him, she couldn't imagine him without a full set of clothes. So while in my mind he has little more than a loin cloth, here he is fully dressed for the occasion. And pretty sullen too. Picture by Jessie.

This picture was a project of months by Beedoo!, and it was done just in time for an MGC-contest where it got a good number of creativity votes. It is an Arcadia Zodiac, a zodiac made up entirely of Arcadian characters, in which she clearly put a lot of effort. A full explanation is supplied with the picture. Picture by Beedoo!.

After a long dry spell inspiration finally struck Star again. This is Sirius, sitting around naked, apparently "cause its just fun to sit around naked. ;)". She put a lot of effort into the starry background; the technique even had a name. She says, though, that the scan doesn't do it justice. Picture by Star.

And after Sirius, Star went ahead with Venn. She used some sort of inking technique that did not come out the way she wanted it, and she had "decided to stop before i messed it up even more". Well, I like it! Picture by Star.

Jessie found out she could draw in MSN Messenger. And this is the result. Pictures by Jessie (and me, but that can't be helped).

Part of Jessie's 2005 christmas card for me. Nooit and Keebler getting into the appropriate christmas spirit. Picture by Jessie.

In the course my visit to Beedoo! in 2006, I wrote a story called 'Scale'. Once finished, I showed it to her. She responded by drawing this picture of one of the characters of this story. I find the antler horns interesting! Picture by Beedoo!.

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