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Not too long ago at the time of writing (august 13th 2000) a strange course of events took place in a roleplay in the Station 8 Gargoyles chatroom leading to an interesting result: my character had been turned into a great black dragon. While by now most people are used to the idea this was one of the most amusing and entertaining roleplays I have been part of. And I'm appearently not the only one as in the first week 6 pictures were drawn of my new condition. Below are all the pictures drawn of dragon-me, each one of which has given me a lot of joy.

During a roleplay in Station 8 my character was faced with the unusual problem of being turned into a great black dragon. It was later that day when, all in a days work, someone happily knocked down a support wall. Luckily I was around to make sure the ceiling stayed put. If there's anything missing from the picture it's people discussing who wants pizza and where to order. Picture by Jessie.

As a great black dragon you're sure to be noticed, right? Except by Kiva, who blissfully trod all over me then swiftly drew this picture. She doesn't like to admit it, but she's a great artist who uses way too little of her talent. Picture by Kiva.

Clearly, being a great black dragon has its advantages too. For instance, you get a lot of respect, right? ... Right? Picture by Jessie.

Seeing me as a great black dragon appearently got rid of Elisa's artists block, or so she told me when she showed me this picture. Well... Glad I could help. Saying hi to a dragon can be a lot of work... Picture by Elisa.

Zoe Bastet was kind enough to draw my dragon form too. Can you tell who is who? Inked and everything, picture by Zoe Bastet.

When Jessie got turned into a black baby dragon in a short moment of dragon-hype, Malibu tried to take care of her as best as he could. Of course, everybody's a critic... Picture by Jessie.

Shortly after my dragon-problem started I expressed my concern at the fact that I was now running around naked. This was the inspiration for this picture, which really requires no further comment. Picture by MAui (the Marvelous).

Another three minute sketch from the woman who pretends she has no talent. the wolf is Kiva, who the dragon is I am no longer going to explain. "Oops, sorry Arno, didn't see you there again." Picture by Kiva

Yet another dragon related picture. Attempts to change me back to normal generally seem to have various degrees of success, ranging from poor to disasterous. This one is somewhere inbetween. Picture by Elisa.

Another dragon picture from Zoe. She showed me this when I was in a real hurry to leave, so I hope I managed to convey my happiness well enough. And I am silly, aren't I? Picture by Zoe Bastet.

A very quick sketch from Jessie to show me what she did to my hair when I asked her to cut it. Picture by Jessie.

For some unfathomable reason Jessie saw fit to draw me as a baby dragon. But aren't I just adorable!? Picture by Jessie.

Bremusa drew me a picture of my great black dragon form! Not a very complex one, but a very amusing one. I laughed. Picture by Bremusa.

Kiva continues to go against her own claims about her drawing talents by drawing me these great dragon pictures. Now she drew a third one! The result of a discussion of the possibility of dragon-Arno having kids. Picture by Kiva.

It took her a while to see me to give show it to me, but Kaylee drew me as a dragon too. Isn't that nice of her? She seems a tad scared though. Picture by Kaylee.

Beedoo! drew a picture to go with the poem inspired by me. I'd just like to say here and now that I would never serve men! Well, not in that way anyway... Picture by Beedoo!. The poem can be found here.

Now this was very nice and very unexpected. Out of the blue came this Merry Christmas picture from Psyche for me. Thank you Psyche, I feel very honoured! Picture by Psyche.

This is slander. Slander I tell you, because I never stepped on anyone! Well, not on purpose anyway... Kessalia and Dubble look on as Arno-dragon regrets his course of action. Am I really this cruel? *l* Picture by Kessalia.

Well, when MAui broke a support wall with her head, I did my very best to keep it in place. Aiding me in this were MAui, throwing mashed potatoes (or some other potato product) at the cracks, and Ramona, sitting on my dragon-back sealing up the cracks with latex bodypaint. Unfortunately, Ramona disappeared from the picture. Maui was 'not having a good human day.' Look closely though, you can still see her ghost. Picture by MAui.

Yes, I know this is silly, but I'm going to put it up anyway... A momentary lapse of my senses as a dragon left me chasing cows through the meadow. Kiva produced a rendition of one of the unfortunate victims. Picture by Kiva.

Part of the birthday card Jessie sent me, presumably to fill up some empty space. It's a very confused dragon-Arno. I guess I was taken by surprise when they took my picture, huh? Picture by Jessie.

Well, you see, DE didn't know what to do with me, so she put a lamp shade on my head to make me into a lamp. Guandalug then saw fit to jam my tail in an electrical outlet. The results were picked up by lurker Spike, who did an absolutely terrific job on this surprise recreation! Picture by Spike.

The idea for this picture suddenly hit me, a few weeks before the Gathering 2001, for which I will go/went to America, depending on when you read this. I asked Jessie to draw it, as I naturally failed horribly. Picture by Jessie.

A picture on which Jessie worked extra hard on the shading. I have seen the original and the scan does not do it justice. This is me in dragon form enjoying a quiet nap with my beloved pet sheep Shee. He seems a bit uncomfortable though, the poor thing. Shee must not be feeling very well. Picture by Jessie.

I've been to the 2001 Gathering of the Gargoyles! I had a great time there. I also met Kythera who, after closing ceremonies, made this cartoon. I can't imagine what prompted her to do that. *l* Picture by Kythera of Anevern.

After having drawn me in a silly position, Kythera then made a far more noble version of my RP head. I think the previous one is more realistic though. ;) Picture by Kythera of Anevern.

Apparently, this idea just hit Jessie, and she drew it before we came to visit her in person. Shee is the sheep I keep as a very anxious and nervous pet in chat (can't imagine why). Keebler is from my Arcadia Clan related stories. Lastly, it seems to be inspired by the following quote from "The Wolf and the Sheep":
"If you insist I could speak with a number of sheep..." he raises his hooves to draw imaginary quote-marks in the air as he says the word 'speak', "however, you must understand, sheep language consists of little more than concepts such as 'food', 'not food', 'angry' or 'scary thing'."
I think the result is pretty funny. Picture by Jessie.

When we visited Jessie, she invited me to play a racing game with her on her Playstation. Just looking at the picture, can you tell who was winning? This was drawn during a long, long car ride. Picture by Jessie.

This is a bit silly to include, but Jessie send me a phone card to use to call my mother while I was in America. To indicate it was mine, this was drawn on the piece of paper wrapped around it. Thanks Jessie! :) Picture by Jessie.

Long ago, christmas 2000, Kiva sent me this picture to go with my christmas card. I never had access to a scanner to scan it till recently, and here it is, for the world to see and admire. Picture by Kiva.

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