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Not too long ago at the time of writing (august 13th 2000) a strange course of events took place in a roleplay in the Station 8 Gargoyles chatroom leading to an interesting result: my character had been turned into a great black dragon. While by now most people are used to the idea this was one of the most amusing and entertaining roleplays I have been part of. And I'm appearently not the only one as in the first week 6 pictures were drawn of my new condition. Below are all the pictures drawn of dragon-me, each one of which has given me a lot of joy.

While I was in the USA for the Gathering I met, among others, Zoe, Luna and Weasel. They gave me a CD with the oddest collection of music on it, and they had even drawn a cover for it. This is said cover, and quite funny it is too. I am very happy with it. *l* Picture by Zoe.

I requested enlightenment in a certain matter. I asked for people to put one of those flashing light bulbs over my head concerning the definition of anime. Kiva obliged in a very strange way. Picture by Kiva.

On this picture I have absolutely no comment... Well, okay, so I was in a bit of a strange mood. Picture by Jessie.

I don't quite remember what this was about. I think, however, that this was about my bias against shots, mainly when they are to be applied to my own person. I think Kiva has a bit of a sadistic streak. Picture by Kiva.

A more or less requested picture by Jessie. Jessie, Dubble, Beedoo! and Arno in dragon form taking advantage of Halloween to, for once, fit in with ordinary people. No one will ever know those are not costumes. With a guest appearence by Shee the sheep. Picture by Jessie.

Cams the dragon is taking a liking to Shee. Unfortunately, it's the wrong kind of liking. Cams actually drew this picture to bribe me into not displaying another picture, which she wasn't happy about. Don't know why, they both look fine to me. Picture by Cams.

Talk with Kessalia of What We'll Do Next Time when I'm in America led to the rather frightful conclusion that we should go camping. In the mean time, she drew this picture of the two of us canoeing. Shee got to come too, the lucky thing. Picture by Kessalia.

No, really, I am normal! Picture by Jessie.

Cams gave us all some fish as a gift. But then she complained that I wasn't taking good care of them. I don't know where she got that idea... Picture by Cams.

Poor Beedoo! has a bit of a warped mind. She is proud of this, but nevertheless, I must insist that I am not her mommy. Picture by Beedoo!.

A curious addition, this. Eden, who has a thing with ankles, requested this picture of Jessie through me. Jessie then drew it and gave it to me to pass on to Eden, who then told me to tell her she loved it. I imagine it is a replacement for the lost photograph of her hugging my ankles at the Gathering. Picture by Jessie.

A great picture this, though the reference itself was lost on me. I hear 'Cowbow Bebop' is quite popular though, and hope to be able to see it one day. This is apparently a parody of the Cowboy Bebop intro. Picture by Zoe.

Yvi got a little bored and drew my head. Then she inked it, then she scanned it, and now it's here. Picture by Yvi.

When Jessie left the chatroom I had been given a pair of elephants ears and a trunk. She very quickly drew this eledragon on the computer. Of course, by the time she returned it was lacking the green hair and pink skin with yellow dots... Picture by Jessie

Dragon-me had been turned into a tiny dragonling. Beedoo! drew her reaction to the whole situation. Won't she be a great mommy some day? Picture by Beedoo!.

A very clever picture, this. A wonderful variation on Pete and the Dragon replacing some characters with others. Picture by Cams.

Remember back when 'babies' shows were suddenly popular, like, Muppet Babies? Here we have the Station 8 Babies. Though I swear I wasn't a dragon as a baby. Picture by Zoe.

In her desire to show me doing something mean and destroy a reputation intricately built over the years, Jessie drew a cool and even coloured picture of a scene from "The Greatest Hero". Dragon Arno and Argor about to fight mid-air. Picture by Jessie.

For my birthday I received from Jessie one of the funniest birthday cards I received in my entire life. This was not only due to the card itself, which was very funny in itself, but also because of the picture she had added on the inside. How could I not show it around? Picture by Jessie.

April 3rd was my birthday and Kythera was kind enough to send me this cool card. Having no scanner I had to scan it at work, so it's about a month late appearing on the site and the little flame on the candle has been cut off, but there it is. Picture by Kythera of Anevern.

Bit of a strange one, this one, but vain as I am I put it up anyway. Jessie regularly gets together with a bunch of 'furry' people, all of whom are quite adept with the drawing pencil. One of them had seen her sketches of dragon Arno and requested from her a picture of Arno and Shee. Quaint, no? Picture by Jessie.

My memory is a bit vague on this one, but it entailed a conversation at about 6:30 AM about dragon-me doing the "I'm king of the world!" thing. Jessie had a different idea. Picture by Jessie.

I have some very odd friends. Since Beedoo! thinks I'm her mommy, I received this wonderful Mother's Day card from her. Imagine having to explain to people why you got a Mother's Day card. I think it's great. Picture by Beedoo!.

Having invited me to her RP wedding, Meg drew this hypothetical picture. The sad thing is, that is probably what would have happened if I would have been there. She also made this alternative version, which is just base slander! Really! Picture by Meg.

Look what Cams drew! There can never be too many sheep, I always say, and there sure are plenty here. Aren't they cute? Picture by Cams.

I found this while peeking into the chatroom when Dubble was visiting Spike. Dubble had been taken to a rodeo, I heard, and I don't actually know the story behind this picture, nor do I know if it belongs to anyone, but, er... It's got... me in it? Which is neat? Picture by Spike.

A full eight minutes did Bremusa work on this. From left to right we have dragon-Arno, Kessalia, Bremusa and Jessie, all having their own opinion about The Box. Apparently, I say 'blah' a lot because that is what most of what I say sounds like to her. Picture by Bremusa.

Wraith seems to have a way with the various dragons of Station 8. This is particularly true for the female segment of the dragon population. That is not to say that the steak in his back pocket did not help. Left of him for the viewer there are Cams, the small dragon and Zoe, the anthro-dragon, and to the right we have Beedoo!. And that's me behind him. Picture by Cams.

A somewhat unpleasant side-effect of my dragon ailment is the infrequent appearence of a Poor Pink Innocent Dragon, under the impression that I once sang a mating call at her. She is a woman of little words. She says 'Coo'. Picture by Cams.

"Hey Arno," said Cams. "Do you have any ideas for a picture?"
"Well, no," i said honestly. "I can't think of anything."
"Try to think of something. I want something to draw!"
So, I thought hard and came up with four ideas. I did not expect her to draw all four. This would be the first. Blatant specieism against dragons. Picture by Cams.

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