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Not too long ago at the time of writing (august 13th 2000) a strange course of events took place in a roleplay in the Station 8 Gargoyles chatroom leading to an interesting result: my character had been turned into a great black dragon. While by now most people are used to the idea this was one of the most amusing and entertaining roleplays I have been part of. And I'm appearently not the only one as in the first week 6 pictures were drawn of my new condition. Below are all the pictures drawn of dragon-me, each one of which has given me a lot of joy.

MAui had made a T-shirt of her "Evil makes me sad" drawing for me to wear. I was very happy with it and wore it with pride, attracting many comments. This is only one such comment. Picture by Flanker.

Now this is awesome. A gift from Beedoo! that came to me wrapped in many thick layers of protective material. It's a tiny little sculpture of dragon-Arno! A photograph can only show you one side, but I can tell you that the detail is amazing. I'm as impressed as I am flattered. It's not a picture but it should certainly be up here. Sculpture by Beedoo! (the sheep was my own addition).

This is the first of three pictures that Cams drew quite some time ago, but never scanned. We're not sure how this came about anymore, but then, it's probably clear from the context alone. Picture by Cams, whom I promised to stress that these are old pictures.

The second of three old pictures that Cams drew. I vaguely recall this one, actually. It involved shrinking. A lot. Picture by Cams.

The last and most amusing of three old pictures that Cams drew. This one really does speak for itself. No wonder I don't even get a lump of coal. Picture by Cams.

An unbearably cute drawn version of the little dragon sculpture Beedoo! sent me for christmas. A mini-Arno, if you will. It's even vegetarian! Perhaps the result of a little spill from Alpha's clone vat? Picture by Beedoo!.

After sending a card to Beedoo! involving damsels, dragons, handsome princes and white horses, these two pictures came back to me. No further explanation necessary. Pictures by Beedoo!.

This has something to do with a quote where I suggested poledancing as a viable dragon career option. Or so I am informed. Maybe it's best not to ask more. A computer generated image by Guandalug.

Image rendering suddenly became all the rage. Here I am petting BrooksBabe, who had inexplicably been turned into a tiger (as these things go). I do think we need to rethink our choice for the Station 8 carpet. Picture by Renee.

Jessie found out she could draw in MSN Messenger. And this is the result. Pictures by Jessie (and me, but that can't be helped).

Finally, someone who believes me. Part of Jessie's 2004 christmas card for me, sent in 2005. I wonder where I got a shirt that size. Picture by Jessie.

When I visited Beedoo! in the summer of 2005, I joked that I was getting Arno-cooties all over her stuff. And here's one now! A christmas present from Beedoo!.

After sending me the christmas cootie, Beedoo! sent me two more images of a whole cootie book she has been illustrating. I have seen it since, but she has yet to ink the whole thing, and won't just scan it all and send it over. So this is the best I can do for now... How the Arno-Cooties conquered the dragon, by Beedoo!.

Shinga and Renee had decided to do something about the state of my mane. A female touch would make it so much better... This picture is titled "Elf Infestation". Picture by Shinga.

For a little while I had Beedoo! give me drawing assignments. Not because I'm such a great artist (I'm neither great nor an artist), but it was something to put my mind to... One assignment was "Beedoo! sitting on Arno's nose." After I drew Beedoo! riding the nose like a rollercoaster, wings spread to block all vision, she sketched what she'd had in mind when she asked for it. Picture by Beedoo!.

For a large part of 2006 Station 8 Gargoyes Chat was under siege from spambots, filling up the place with advertising trash. Gorebash had given me the codes needed to ban people, and I spend much of my time logging and banning IP addresses from, presumably, spambot infested PC's. Unfortunately, many, many IP addresses had to be added each day, and my own estimate was that this sandbagging measure only countered about two thirds of all spam.

In the end Gorebash wrote a brilliant piece of anti-spam code that has so far managed to reject virtually all spam sent our way, which means that I can relax again. Which is a good thing, as this rendered image by Guandalug shows quite clearly just how dire the situation had become.

I know there were more images involved. I cannot seem to find them, though. Picture by Guandalug.

Anyone who has been around on the internet long enough knows what this picture is about, and those who don't won't get the joke anyway. A bit stale now, but it was funny back then. At least, I hope so, because I came up with it, and Shinga decided to draw it. We agreed she would give it to me once I had worked through 200 log files. I lost count of the number of months she sat on it, but here it is. Picture by Shinga.

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