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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet

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Fundamentally, I love all the pictures that have been made for me, or because of me. It makes me rediculoysly happy to receive them, and any dgnity that I show at the moment is merely a facade. I am very grateful for all of them. There are, however, some pictures which I find myself showing to others over and over again. These pictures I am particularly fond of, and I wanted to give these a bit of extra spotlight.
Please understand that if a picture is not here, it does not mean I hate it, or am even indifferent towards it. People will simply always have favourites. These are mine.

(A whole storyboard for a scene of my story. Rarely have I felt so flattered. This is very special indeed)

The Nooit Storyboard
As an assignment for her storyboarding class, Jessie took a small part of the Arcadia story "Nooit" and turned it into a storyboard. Isn't that neat!?

(And as if a storyboard wasn't special enough, Jessie animated Perry and Armageddon too. It's all very amazing and humbling.)

This is not a picture, this is an animation! A running cycle which Jessie made for college. It features Perry, and he's running. Look at him go. Run, Perry! Run! Picture by Jessie, who wishes to point out that the grey stuf at the bottom is not supposed to be there.

As one of the things she had to do for school, Jessie made an neat animation of Armageddon walking. I was pleased to see it when I visited, and I'm pleased to finally have it handy as an animated gif too. Very few people get their characters animated! Don't watch it too long, though, or you'll lay awake at night wondering where he's going! Picture by Jessie.

(I have always loved this picture, from the story The Demon's Eye that I wrote. If I would advertise for it, this would be on the billboards)

A terrific picture and probably my favourite one. Based on a scene from "The Demon's Eye", another story I wrote, the matching phrase is "Keebler, I would appreciate it if you would NOT SCARE THE DRAGON!" The first time Nooit got fully drawn, and also the first time Polly, the blue dragon from the aforementioned story, makes an appearence in a picture. Picture by Jessie.

(This is the very first Arno-dragon picture, courtesy of Jessie, and she got it spot on the very first time. Can't picture myself as anything different now.)

During a roleplay in Station 8 my character was faced with the unusual problem of being turned into a great black dragon. It was later that day when, all in a days work, someone happily knocked down a support wall. Luckily I was around to make sure the ceiling stayed put. If there's anything missing from the picture it's people discussing who wants pizza and where to order. Picture by Jessie.

(Of the next picture, it is actually the salesman that I like the best. He just grabbed a little ladder and did his thing. And it's such a funny rendition of dragon-Arno.)

Shortly after my dragon-problem started I expressed my concern at the fact that I was now running around naked. This was the inspiration for this picture, which really requires no further comment. Picture by MAui (the Marvelous).

(You should see the original. Honestly...)

Now THIS is something special! Spike is one of the best artists in the Gargoyle's fandom. This mommy of two has, as a favour to Kessalia, drawn Sirius from 'The Demon's Eye'. As this was a complete surprise to me a few details aren't quite right, but it's still pretty darn close. More importantly though, it's a high quality picture, as could be expected of an artist of her caliber. I'm really happy with this one and gratefull to both of them.
Additionally, she drew several cool preliminary sketches, which can be found here, here, here and here. Picture by Spike!

(Jessie drew me two book covers for christmas. This one is for Nooit, the other one was for The Demon's Eye. they are both great, but I particularly love the design on this one. It's very original and fitting to the story.)

This is the first part of a christmas gift to me from Jessie. It is a 'book cover' for the story "Nooit" that I wrote. I have the originals right here at home and, needless to say, I am very pleased with them. Unfortunately the scan if of a rather poor quality. Picture by Jessie.

(This is the very first picture of Trill, from Fjern's Folly. As I recall I had not even written one line for her, but my very description of her seemed enough for Jessie to make this perfect depiction of her.)

Trill is a little creature from "Fjern's Folly", one which at the time of writing this still has to enter into the story. I originally came up with her as a possible mate for Nooit, but decided against that when I started writing Nooit's story. She is hyperactive, effuse, happy and wild, and she would, as her original version, drag Nooit all over the place wether he liked it or not. She pretty much matches the description that I gave. The tail is added by Jessie, to successfully convince me that Trill needs a tail. Picture by Jessie.

(I love the way Sirius looks in this picture.)

Aha, the first picture with Apollo in it. He's a bit too large, but other than that he looks good, and I like the way he capes his wings. And doesn't Sirius look great? :) Picture by Star.

(I'm biased, because this was my own idea, and I could not draw it. Is it any wonder I like this one so much?)

The idea for this picture suddenly hit me, a few weeks before the Gathering 2001, for which I will go/went to America, depending on when you read this. I asked Jessie to draw it, as I naturally failed horribly. Picture by Jessie.

(Amazing detail on this one. And yet, it is little Shee there that actually steals the show.)

A picture on which Jessie worked extra hard on the shading. I have seen the original and the scan does not do it justice. This is me in dragon form enjoying a quiet nap with my beloved pet sheep Shee. He seems a bit uncomfortable though, the poor thing. Shee must not be feeling very well. Picture by Jessie.

(I just found this so funny...)

Apparently, this idea just hit Jessie, and she drew it before we came to visit her in person. Shee is the sheep I keep as a very anxious and nervous pet in chat (can't imagine why). Keebler is from my Arcadia Clan related stories. Lastly, it seems to be inspired by the following quote from "The Wolf and the Sheep":
"If you insist I could speak with a number of sheep..." he raises his hooves to draw imaginary quote-marks in the air as he says the word 'speak', "however, you must understand, sheep language consists of little more than concepts such as 'food', 'not food', 'angry' or 'scary thing'."
I think the result is pretty funny. Picture by Jessie.

(And again, this is just so funny. The mental image lasted for days.)

While I was in the USA for the Gathering I met, among others, Zoe, Luna and Weasel. They gave me a CD with the oddest collection of music on it, and they had even drawn a cover for it. This is said cover, and quite funny it is too. I am very happy with it. *l* Picture by Zoe.

(This is probably the most amazing picture I have ever received. I wish I could draw, but I think this is enough to make the people who can draw jealous.)

Sitting at work, bored, Jessie had only a red pen, a black pen and a yellow post-it note. From it she created something amazing. I love that expression on Armageddon's face too. Picture by Jessie.

(I have no idea what this is about, but who can resist a dragon with sunglasses?)

A great picture this, though the reference itself was lost on me. I hear 'Cowbow Bebop' is quite popular though, and hope to be able to see it one day. This is apparently a parody of the Cowboy Bebop intro. Picture by Zoe.

(I like the way this looks. I like the idea. I like it.)

A very clever picture, this. A wonderful variation on Pete and the Dragon replacing some characters with others. Picture by Cams.

(These 'rabids' of the story The Greatest Hero are about ten times more scary than I ever imagined them. Very impressive.)

Something of a requested picture. Two sketches, each of which took 2-3 minutes, of rabids: creatures from the short story "The Greatest Hero" which I am working on at the time of writing. Who knew Jessie could draw frightening things so well? Picture by Jessie.

(Jessie made a brilliant design for the villanous Argor of the Greatest Hero story and put me with him in a great action scene. Look, I'm bearing my teeth!)

In her desire to show me doing something mean and destroy a reputation intricately built over the years, Jessie drew a cool and even coloured picture of a scene from "The Greatest Hero". Dragon Arno and Argor about to fight mid-air. Picture by Jessie.

(I can't quite put my finger on what it is that makes this picture so hillarious that I couldn't stop laughing for minutes. Perhaps Shinga just chose the perfect dress for me?)

I was the last to hear about this one! The origins of this picture trace back to Jess' mother commenting on how all her online friends would be at the wedding. Apparently, I was thought to be a good choice for a bridesmaid. Featuring Jess, Shinga, Dubble and Arno. Picture by Shinga.

(You should see the size of this thing. It must have been a lot of work! Aside from that, Shee looks so cute in this. That Shee is such a heartbreaker)

This was originally intended as (part of) a birthday gift to be sent to me, but instead Zoe gave this to me this summer when Kessalia and I picked up her and Jessie to go to the Gathering. It is quite huge; so huge, in fact, that I had to wait for a digital camera to get a digitized version to put online. This also explains the relatively poor 'scan' quality. Currently this thing is adorning the top of my printer, and quite a, er, conversation piece. Picture by Zoe.

(Let's face it, how can I possibly NOT add this to the Favourites? ;) )

You know, I recall, when I still chatted at university, up until the year 1999, how some people managed to have pictured drawn for them. I always thought it would be great if someone would draw me something, but that was hardly in my reach or in my control now, was it?
When I got online at home in 1999 I met Jessie, who, after a few months, drew my very first picture. And of course I played it cool (ahem), but I was elated. Soon, the second followed, and things kind of continued from there. Since then, various other people have flattered and baffeled me by drawing me, my characters, for me or because of me, and now we are here. Granted, some cheating is involved as two or three scribbles are my own miscreations, and a few images are litterally stick figure variety, but nevertheless, this is picture number 200. And what would be more fitting than half of it being drawn by Jessie, in conjunction with Zoe. I am, of course, elated. Picture by Jessie and Zoe.
Zoe's dragon is actually Trogdor, a reference to the entertaining Homestar Runner.

(I was impressed with this one. It really took me by surprise, and I hope I showed enough appreciation on the spot.)

This picture was a gift (or rather, one of several gifts) from Beedoo! for me at the Gathering of 2003. I was very impressed with it. She gave it to me in a cardboard frame which I could not remove it from, so the scan is not quite as high a quality as I would have liked it to be. I am quite happy with the original though. Picture by Beedoo!.

(This is just too amusing not to include)

One day Cams was asking for things to draw. With the fish movie "Finding Nemo" randomly crossing my mind I naturally came to the following advice: "Draw us as fish!"
So she did, and how! No less than eight chatters made it into the picture, with more having fallen by the sideline for simple lack of space. Definately worth compliments. Picture by Cams.

(Very rarely do people attempt to put Station 8 to paper in the form of a picture, but Shinga tried and managed very well. I love the way everyone really acts like themselves.)

This is an awesome picture; christmas time at Station 8. It looks like Shinga put a lot of work into this, as there is quite a lot of detail. What I especially like (apart from being featured in it) is the way how everyone really does act the way they usually act.
Myself, I spot the following people: Robert, Dubble, Beedoo!, Jessie, Jess, Shinga, Kessalia, Cams, Shee, MAui, DE and Spike. No one knows who the grey red-headed gargoyle is throwing a fruitcake at Jessie. Shinga says she is almost positive that she put her in to make everyone wonder. Picture by Shinga.

(I really like how the Wyvern looks in this picture. Especially his feet. ;) )

From the moment Jessie told me she drew this picture, back when she could only get online from her work, I was looking forward to seeing this one. It depicts the Wyvern from that story I've been writing for the past century, flanked by the rest of the main cast, Sonya and Argus. Oddly, I really like the Wyvern's feet. ;)
Picture by Jessie.

(This is the most stylised picture I ever got. And one of the cutest.)

Based on something I said. Can you look at this and still do evil? Well, MAui can, but she made it. Some people seem to agree this would make a great T-shirt. Picture by MAui.

(This is just awesome.)

Now this is awesome. A gift from Beedoo! that came to me wrapped in many thick layers of protective material. It's a tiny little sculpture of dragon-Arno! A photograph can only show you one side, but I can tell you that the detail is amazing. I'm as impressed as I am flattered. It's not a picture but it should certainly be up here. Sculpture by Beedoo! (the sheep was my own addition).

(This zodiac just has way too much detail going into it...)

This picture was a project of months by Beedoo!, and it was done just in time for an MGC-contest where it got a good number of creativity votes. It is an Arcadia Zodiac, a zodiac made up entirely of Arcadian characters, in which she clearly put a lot of effort. A full explanation is supplied with the picture. Picture by Beedoo!.

(This whole RP was pretty funny, and I stretched the results out as long as I could. This picture is not only pretty and funny, but it also reminds me of how funny the whole thing was.)

Shinga and Renee had decided to do something about the state of my mane. A female touch would make it so much better... This picture is titled "Elf Infestation". Picture by Shinga.

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