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These are all the pictures Jessie has drawn in which I am directly or indirectly involved. That is, they are of me, of a character of mine, or for me. This is definately not all she has drawn, however, this is the definition I will go by. The vast majority of the pictures that I have come from her and this is by far the largest section aside from the main gallery.

Jessie is the secret identity of one Angie McClelland, a mild mannered animation student at CCAD in Columbus, Ohio. At the time of writing (August 13th 2000) she is 19. Like many other artists in the generally talented Gargoyles fandom, where I met her, she hopes to work for Disney some day. For now, she has an online comic, Dakota's Ridge, and it really wouldn't hurt to check it out.

Jessie's christmas card arrived very late. So it goes. When I opened it I saw this. It's 'the Wyvern', from a story I am writing. She drew it without reference so she claims it is not the best Wyvern ever, but I'm quite happy with it. Sure, some minor details are off, but it turns out I never complained about them in other pictures either. I should make up my mind. ;) Picture by Jessie.

From the moment Jessie told me she drew this picture, back when she could only get online from her work, I was looking forward to seeing this one. It depicts the Wyvern from that story I've been writing for the past century, flanked by the rest of the main cast, Sonya and Argus. Oddly, I really like the Wyvern's feet. ;)
Picture by Jessie.

Perry jumping over a counter or something similar. You can't tell because it's an unfinished sketch, but I take whatever I can get my hands on. Doesn't he look dashing and determined? Picture by Jessie.

I semi-requested, or rather, suggested this to Jessie a few months ago. It was an idea that somehow sprung up from a conversation between Kessalia and myself. One word that I used in my description was "uncharacteristically". Can you spot the uncharacteristic part? Picture by Jessie.

Jessie's Monthly Gargoyles Contest entry for the February topic "Fanfic Illustrations". She chose to illustrate one of my stories, and I am quite flattered. Titled "I Don't Get It", The picture depicts a scene from the story "The Greatest Hero", in which dragon-Arno, formerly human Arno, wonders what could have happened to his anti-dragon pills:

"This is MUCH better!" Jessie exclaimed as the wind blew in her face. Sitting in the manes of the great black dragon she watched the landscape soar past.
"Hey Onar!" MAui beside her yelled down happily. "Yer fast!"
"'Course," Jessie commented. "He's got big feet."
"I don't get it," the great dragon said for the umpteenth time. "I had them when I went to sleep. I know I did."
"Ah, you probably just lost them in the fire or something," Jessie dismissed his complaint.
"No, cause I took some before I went to sleep!"
"Ah well," MAui said. With every footstep there was a loud thump, and with every thump, the pill bottle in her pocket rattled slightly.

Picture by Jessie.

I used to have a character called Kevin Jones in a few of my stories. He was a very minor character, serving as background for more important characters. But then Jessie started writing her own story in the same story universe, and she stole him! And now he's no longer under my control. But he's still mine, darnit, so this picture is going to be in my gallery! ;)
If you want to know what it's about, you should read Jessie's story 'Higher' when she finishes it. Picture by Jessie.

I don't actually know why Jessie drew this. The title is "Can you say 'no' to this face? I'm mostly wondering what it is he has been asking. Picture by Jessie.

Stef is Jessie's sister. Apparently she likes Perry. Rather a lot. So, as a bribe for something or other, Jessie drew them both in one single picture. Picture by Jessie.

I have started a new story, The End of the World. One of the first scenes unites two of Jessie's favourite characters. She immediately celebrated by drawing them. Picture by Jessie.

A sketch of the dragon Armageddon from my story "Fjern's Folly", apparently just because Jessie felt like drawing him. Somehow he looks older and grumpier here. Perhaps some years have passed? Picture by Jessie.

Here we have Mort, from the story "The End of the World", which I am currently writing (very slowly). I only described Mort as a small, grey gargoyle with a beak, but Jessie found that, while she was drawing him, she couldn't imagine him without a full set of clothes. So while in my mind he has little more than a loin cloth, here he is fully dressed for the occasion. And pretty sullen too. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie found out she could draw in MSN Messenger. And this is the result. Pictures by Jessie (and me, but that can't be helped).

Finally, someone who believes me. Part of Jessie's 2004 christmas card for me, sent in 2005. I wonder where I got a shirt that size. Picture by Jessie.

Part of Jessie's 2005 christmas card for me. Nooit and Keebler getting into the appropriate christmas spirit. Picture by Jessie.

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