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In honour of the Chinese year of the sheep, starting february 2003, this gallery is dedicated to that most magnificent of creatures: the sheep. Be good to them and they will be good to you.

The very first picture of Keebler, the sheep from my story "Nooit". So who cares that he's not supposed to have wings? The facial expression is perfect. Picture by Jessie.

After I informed Jessie of the wingless status of Keebler the sheep she drew this second version. Look mommy! No wings! Picture by Jessie.

Keebler, the sheep from "Nooit", while merely intended as a one note joke, has clearly gained more popularity than any other character. Especially Jessie seems quite fond of him, as demonstrated in this picture. Picture by Jessie.

A terrific picture and probably my favourite one. Based on a scene from "The Demon's Eye", another story I wrote, the matching phrase is "Keebler, I would appreciate it if you would NOT SCARE THE DRAGON!" The first time Nooit got fully drawn, and also the first time Polly, the blue dragon from the aforementioned story, makes an appearence in a picture. Picture by Jessie.

Truely a great picture in the litteral sense of the word, this is a picture of a lot of characters from the Arcadia Clan. From left to right, top to bottom: Kessalia, Arno, Robert, The Master, Poleithne, Damocles, Delphine, Kyshandra, Mika, Nooit, Jason, Jessie, Anatidae, Maradydd, Keebler and Corsica. Picture by Jessie.

Jessie's remarkable output of Arcadia-related pictures earned her a promotion to baroness from the Master. More people got promoted that day. Among others I became duke of the Plains and portreeve of the West, though we are still not sure what this means, while one of my characters also got elevated to baronhood... Picture by Jessie.

An criminal investigation in Ward is a most interesting venture. Here we see Perry interrogating Keebler, the flying sheep, a scene from "The Wolf and the Sheep". Picture by Jessie

Celano very kindly offered to draw me four thumbnail pictures of my characters. They would be tiny and could be used in message boards, which I never do, but that is besides the point. This one is of Keebler. I like the background. Picture by Celano.

While Jessie is the brain and talent behind the online comic Dakota's Ridge, it is not the first comic she ever made. Neither is this one, but it does preceed Dakota's Ridge. It's been around for a while now, I just didn't remember it until recently. Keebler and Jessie, the wolf and sheep who are friends. Comic by Jessie.

Jessie is writing a storyin which it seems nearly everyone is turned into a kid. It's the the Arcadia clan kids! Kessalia, Arno, Jessie, Jason, DeLancy and a very rude Keebler. Picture by Jessie.

A picture on which Jessie worked extra hard on the shading. I have seen the original and the scan does not do it justice. This is me in dragon form enjoying a quiet nap with my beloved pet sheep Shee. He seems a bit uncomfortable though, the poor thing. Shee must not be feeling very well. Picture by Jessie.

Apparently, this idea just hit Jessie, and she drew it before we came to visit her in person. Shee is the sheep I keep as a very anxious and nervous pet in chat (can't imagine why). Keebler is from my Arcadia Clan related stories. Lastly, it seems to be inspired by the following quote from "The Wolf and the Sheep":
"If you insist I could speak with a number of sheep..." he raises his hooves to draw imaginary quote-marks in the air as he says the word 'speak', "however, you must understand, sheep language consists of little more than concepts such as 'food', 'not food', 'angry' or 'scary thing'."
I think the result is pretty funny. Picture by Jessie.

A more or less requested picture by Jessie. Jessie, Dubble, Beedoo! and Arno in dragon form taking advantage of Halloween to, for once, fit in with ordinary people. No one will ever know those are not costumes. With a guest appearence by Shee the sheep. Picture by Jessie.

Cams the dragon is taking a liking to Shee. Unfortunately, it's the wrong kind of liking. Cams actually drew this picture to bribe me into not displaying another picture, which she wasn't happy about. Don't know why, they both look fine to me. Picture by Cams.

Talk with Kessalia of What We'll Do Next Time when I'm in America led to the rather frightful conclusion that we should go camping. In the mean time, she drew this picture of the two of us canoeing. Shee got to come too, the lucky thing. Picture by Kessalia.

Jessie started on this rather a while ago, for the hollidays. Keebler, Jessie, Nooit, Kessalia, Arno, Jason, Dubble and Beedoo!, pulled by Polly and another dragon. Notice how she placed herself between Keebler and Nooit. Picture by Jessie.

A depiction of the single-scene story 'Finals Fantasy' (see Story section) that I wrote for Jessie during her finals. Picture by Jessie, all comments superfluous by default.

Bit of a strange one, this one, but vain as I am I put it up anyway. Jessie regularly gets together with a bunch of 'furry' people, all of whom are quite adept with the drawing pencil. One of them had seen her sketches of dragon Arno and requested from her a picture of Arno and Shee. Quaint, no? Picture by Jessie.

Look what Cams drew! There can never be too many sheep, I always say, and there sure are plenty here. Aren't they cute? Picture by Cams.

At the Gathering the Arcadia Clan joined the competition of the Clan Olympics with no less than two teams, Arcadia West and Arcadia East. For these two teams Jessie each drew what could be considered a banner. This was to be the banner for Arcadia West, featuring Nooit and Keebler in sporting competition. The banner of Arcadia East does not have any reason to be in this gallery, but here it is, one of Delphine's cave lizards together with clan mascot Riptide. At the Gathering itself she drew us huge, different versions of each, which are presented here by lovely assistants Delphine and Mika. Picture by Jessie.

This was originally intended as (part of) a birthday gift to be sent to me, but instead Zoe gave this to me this summer when Kessalia and I picked up her and Jessie to go to the Gathering. It is quite huge; so huge, in fact, that I had to wait for a digital camera to get a digitized version to put online. This also explains the relatively poor 'scan' quality. Currently this thing is adorning the top of my printer, and quite a, er, conversation piece. Picture by Zoe.

When Cams found out about DE's feelings towards my sheep Shee, this picture was the result. Very true to life. Picture by Cams.

Now this is neat. It made me laugh quite a bit. The continuing adventures of Arno and Shee, in sketchy comic form. Picture by Jessie.

Though this is officially called the Gallery of Gifts, this I drew myself. It was on the train back home from work, armed with a pen only. I can't draw to save my life, but I really wanted to get this mental image out of my head. If anything, it can serve to show the quality of all the other work her through contrast. Picture by Arno (me).

This is a rather large one by Eboni, and yet only a small part of me has managed to squeeze in there. She also made a seperate version of Shee in honour of the year of the sheep. Picture by Eboni.

Zoe finally joined Arcadia and read 'Nooit'. And then she drew this. I must say that I never considered that Keebler might take a bath. With a lady even, what a ladies sheep.
I wonder if wet sheep smells... Neat picture by Zoe.

After Mika cloned my dragon form into a smaller baby version, I thought it would be a nice idea to take him out trick-or-treating for Halloween. Well... Maybe next year will go better, huh? Picture by Cams.

This is an awesome picture; christmas time at Station 8. It looks like Shinga put a lot of work into this, as there is quite a lot of detail. What I especially like (apart from being featured in it) is the way how everyone really does act the way they usually act.
Myself, I spot the following people: Robert, Dubble, Beedoo!, Jessie, Jess, Shinga, Kessalia, Cams, Shee, MAui, DE and Spike. No one knows who the grey red-headed gargoyle is throwing a fruitcake at Jessie. Shinga says she is almost positive that she put her in to make everyone wonder. Picture by Shinga.

While Jessie rermains mostly offline, she managed to upload some drawings she made in the mean time. Here we have Keebler. The first Keebler she has drawn in over a year, probably, she says. I miss Keebler. Picture by Jessie.

This one has been a long time in the making. The origin of the joke is therefore somewhat unclear. Using Shee, Beedoo! has endeavoured to make sheenutbutter. Picture by Beedoo!.

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