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  Disney's animated series Gargoyles took me by surprise. Why? Well, there's a whole (small) subsection about that in the Miscellaneous section. I did not go through the trouble of creating yet another Gargoyles centred site for the simple reason that there are already so many far better ones around. Some of the best that I know of will be linked to here.

Station 8 - Gargoyles
In my opinion the major Gargoyles fan site around, and certainly one of the big two. It features comment rooms, chat rooms and the Ask Greg section, where fans can talk to Greg Weisman, one of the Gargoyles producers.

The Gargoyles Fan Website
The other major Gargoyles fan site, grand-daddy of all others, which has more of an archiving purpose nowadays. Episode lists and synopsises, reviews and a newly built fanfic database, the largest in the fandom.

The Avalon Archives
Images, sounds, clips, links, desktop themes, etc... An impressive resource indeed, set up to be just that.

The Monthly Gargoyles Contest, a contest among the many talented artists the fandom is fortunate to have, and as such a potential treasure trove of art. Started years ago in 1998 or 1999, it seemed to fall prey to its own success as its original webmasters could no longer find the time to run it. Now, in 2002, it is back.

JEB's Gargoyles Page
a definite case of content over presentation, it may not be too much to look at, but it sports a huge Gargoyles related links page as well as the Gargoyles Fan Registry, where hundreds of Gargoyles fans are listed.

You can't really want to look for Gargoyles art and not come accross Aimee's stuff at some point. Gargoyles fan art and other art of the highest quality.

Kanthara is another name you'll find hard not to come accross within the Gargoyles fandom. More great art, And look at how modest she is. That banner's way too tiny! ;)

Roy Sato's Homepage and Michelle Stuff
The first link leads the the site of Roy Sato, an animator who worked on the first season of Disney's Gargoyles, as well as a fraction of the second season. Naturally it has pretty art and Gargoyles related stuff. The second link is a subsection of his site and a place for his girlfriend Michelle, also known as Kiva, to play around in. While she insists she is a bad artist, evidence points to the contrary. Somebody please convince her to do more with it. :)

The Gargoyles Saga
After Gargoyles was cancelled, a group of fans set about to continue to series in fanfic form, basic on a few tidbits released by one of the producers at the time. While this sort of thing is not my cup of tea, I link to it as it shows an incredible amount of effort and determination, and as stands the fandom's official unofficial series continuation.

Gargoyles Fans Postcards Exchange
An interesting initialtive by Kythera of Anevern. Gargoyles fans can contact each other and send each other post cards. What better way to make sure you'll receive a big pile at christmas?

Very detailed drawings of things fantasy and gargoyle. Well worth taking a look.

A happy art site from a happy person, who foolishly happens to be a true workaholic too.

www.damocles.ws Such a tiny button for such a big page. Lots of art, a lot of it Gargoyles oriented. Rather an interesting design too!

Pretty art by Ithil, who seems perpetually busy these days. Among others, Gargoyles, sci-fi and fantasy art.