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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

- July 13th 2001
It is the birth of a special subsection just for Nooit, as I now have three seperate links to go here. New to the site is the link to Nooit Fashion!, hosted on Bremusa's site.

Free Guestbook from Bravenet
  Nooit, the little creature from my Arcadia related stories "Nooit" and "Demon's Eye", seems to have struck a cord with some people. Just enough, it seems, to warrant giving the little guy his very own section. In this peculiar place you will find all things Nooit. And believe me, there are some peculiar things Nooit!


copyright 2000 Angie McClelland

Nooit was born in my head while I spent three months offline, not even knowing if I would ever be back online again. While I had no actual plans to do anything with it, it amused me to work on the idea in my head. Nooit would be this little reptilian character that would not harm a fly, and who was, to put it simply, "proof that fate had a sense of homour." Complete and utter coincidence would forever lighten his load in life and keep him from harm. He would speak without using personal pronounce, though to this day I do not know why I actually wanted that. It works, though. Naming Nooit was fairly easy. Nooit means 'never' in Dutch, and Nooit is the kind of creature that could never be. The odds that he breaks are staggering, it could 'never' happen.

When I got back online the idea kind of stuck with me. I told it to Kessalia, who I then let convince me to write a story about him for the Arcadia Clan. I had to figure out a whole plot, back story (or an explanation of the lack thereof), everything, and finally started doing the very thing that made the rest history: I started writing.

Listed below are the things that have spawned from this. It makes no mention of the attempts people made to write him themselves, before their attempts washed against the rocks of my unreasonable wish for perfection. It is very ego-inflating. If this keeps up, the little guy's head won't fit through the door anymore.

And yes, I do actually know where Nooit comes from. Maybe one day I'll write about that. ;)
  • Nooit Doll - When Kessalia made me a birthday present, it sure was a special one indeed. She made me a doll of Nooit. These pictures didn't come out as well as I hoped unfortunately, but take a look anyway...
  • Nooit and Bremusa forever! - A link to a page by Bremusa, the scary Amazon who is convinced that Nooit loves her. 'Daddy' would be me, by the way. Don't ask.
  • Nooit Fashion! - Another page by Bremusa, who this time has manufactured clothes based on Nooit.
  • Gallery section - Arcadia - The Arcadia section of the gallery section, where drawings of Nooit can be found.
  • Stories section - The Stories section of this site, where Nooit can be found in the stories "Nooit" and "Demon's Eye".