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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  September 8th 2001

The reason for the existance of this page is simple and concise: sometimes the side bar doesn't allow much room to really expand on some things. I felt that there were some things I wanted to mention for which there simply was no room. How much I'll actually be using this section remains to be seen. I'd have to archive older rambles and update links and stuff, something which I seem to be doing a lot already. I'm also not happy with the name 'rambles'. I'd have prefered to call it 'Dutch' or something, but I feared that might confuse some people. Besides, it's nearly 1AM and I want to go to bed.

So what kind of things would I like to mention that could not be mentioned in the regular bits of news? Well, for one thing, I went to bed past 2AM last night. Why, you may ask. To answer this, I will point you to the following online comic, which I also added to the links section:

I believe the world should be warned at the utter evil that this comic can inflict. Poor sleep deprived Dutchmen staying up past their bedtime reading the archives, it is pure villany of the lowest sort. That is also, incidentally, what the comic is about. A (female) mad scientist, her evil intern and a simple programmer, later joined by a super-intelligent gerbil, make up the main cast of this original and highly entertaining piece of work. Arno commands you to enjoy it. But don't stay up too late...

And what is that banner doing at the bottom of the main page, huh? This one, right here:

This, of course, would be about the 6th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles. A few details can already be found on the main page. All I want to add here is that I know that these people are doing their very best to provide us with yet another unforgetable weekend, and will get absolutely nothing in return other than the appreciation of the fandom they are doing this for. Appreciation costs nothing, people. Don't forget to show some. :)

Since I seem to be throwing banners all over the place at the moment, how about this one?

This wonderful piece of work, dubbed by me with the noble name "AAHbanner.jpg", was produced by Kessalia during some idle moments (well, more than just some mere moments, I presume). Is it not great? I am very pleased with it and proclaim it to be the official link banner for this site from this day forth. Smaller versions are available, though image quality is bad. This is because I simply resized the darn thing to a more managable size. You may click the banner itself to find details on linking to my site, if you are so inclined. If you are, thank you. Let me know the location of your site and I will link to you in return, should I ever get round to finishing my links pages.

Now, if you were to scroll the main page all the way down, you might notice something new in the side bar, right under one of the guest book buttons which hardly a person ever uses. It looks something like this:

This little button (well, not this one, but the one on the main page) is actually a creepy little spy that tells me that you're all here. While the above is merely a dummy, and I probably broke the terms of service simply by displaying it without the underlying code, the real thing keeps all sorts of fun stats about visitors to this site. No more sneaking around in absolute anonymity, I have your IP and time of visit.
Initially, I chose this webcounter, because that is what it basically is, for its stealthy appearance. I was almost convinced that if I were to place a plain counter in plain sight it would display an embarrassing 0, at least until I reloaded the page myself. It turns out though that this little thing is actually a lot of fun. As a mathematician I am naturally drawn to statistics (mathematician trappers take note!) and this thing is full of them. I now know that I have had one visit from a person from the old style arpa-net. I didn't even know that still existed. Another fun fact would be that you all seem to be gravitating around the same hour of the day. Also, several people have been disappointed by finding this site on their websearch for 'ninjaturtles'.
It's fun. And you can all take a look at the nifty little bars and numbers by simply clicking the button (but not the dummy above.)

Of course, the most interesting thing of this all is that, including reloads, I managed to rack up about 150 hits in less than 20 days. This begs the question: who are you people!? Why is my guest book so empty, relatively speaking, with all this visitor traffic? Ah well, not like I ever signed more than three guest books in my life. I'm pretty impressed though. And to think the site still isn't done, though it would be if it weren't for the eternally unfinished links pages.

As irony would have it, I worked for hours on end to finish this update, it is 1:30AM, and my ISP is unmistakenably down. I suppose all this won't be uploaded until tomorow then, and all the dates will be even more wrong than they already are. Does this bode well for my new ISP or what?

Anyway, I have had my say. I think I hear my bed calling.
I must be losing it.