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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  October 2nd 2002

I'm back! (Sort of)

Where have I been? Some of the more observant people may have noticed an uncharacteristic lack of Arno in the online world. In fact, not even this site was updated in a timely fashion. So where was I? Well, nothing too glamourous I'm afraid. Where I was was taking care of my hands, wrists and arms. I'm a programmer by day. 8 hours every day I type and type and program and type some more. Then, when I get home, I chat: I type, I type, I chat and I type some more. Occasionally I work on a story, which involves some typing, and finally, there is this site itself, which involves an inhumane amount of typing. It wasn't all too surprising then that my wrists and fingers finally rebelled. I had been overusing them for two years, and they told me this through starting to hurt.
Now, I couldn't very well stop working, so I only slowed down there, but tried hard to stay off my computer and offline at home. This was quite difficult, and I did not quite manage, but at least my hands are feeling somewhat better now. In the meantime I have been reading Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. If there's anyone out there who has not read them, you are really missing out. Comedy Fantasy at its very best (with a touch of soul), you could do worse than give it a try.


I could use the links section. However, like all other links sections, it is incomplete and devoid of update. I cannot imagine anyone regularly returning there, so I will promote these two sites here. First of, it's back!

It is the Monthly Gargoyles Contest. A friendly Gargoyles art contest set up by Ithil and Prysm years ago, it was a great success with at one moment, as I recall, as much as 50 entries for one month! But this was also where it went wrong. Ithil and Prysm could no longer find the time to run the monster they had created and eventually, MGC slipped into limbo, until the plug was officially pulled with a request for someone to take over.
Now someone has. Siryn, Kessalia and MAui have resurrected the Monthly Gargoyles Contest. New themed Gargoyles art every month by artists of all ranks and positions in the fandom, to admire and vote for. If you're an artist, join. If you're not, go see and vote. Let's see if we can drive the new staff over the edge too.

I put this one at the Station 8 Quotes Section too, even though MAui has been too lazy and away from computers to create a proper banner, or even a new comic for the past month. ;)
A 'weekly' comic based on the Station 8 Gargoyles Chatroom, featuring, well, me for one thing. Oh, and a bunch of others, if you're really interested in that sort of thing. Twelve comics thus far, one for every month of the year, so read slowly, and bug MAui for more.
After seeing the banner I made all by myself MAui very gladly provided me with a banner of her own making. Her enthusiasm is touching. ;)

And that's it now. I'm going to enjoy my day off.