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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  April 21st 2003

That's what you get when you leave this for a month or three: you've got stuff to say!

Everybody! Everybody!

Everybody loves The Homestar Runner. He's a great athlete.

This was the intorduction with which Homestar Runner used to be introduced, as far back as the children's book featuring himself, his friend Pom-Pom and his adversaries Strong Bad and The Cheat. From what I gather from sources on the web, this book, with a total number of readers of about ten, was the basis for the now popular Homestar Runner website by the same writers and artists, the brothers Chaps.

Homestar Runner is a great athlete. Homestar Runner is also a possible victim of a botched up lobotomy, it would seem. The site is filled to the brim with flash movies about himself or the people around him. There is a special type of humour to these movies which may take a few views to grab you. Many jokes are hillarious once you get to know the characters and their habbits and vices, and the movies continuously reference back and forth to one another, building a rather curious little world for the 'adventures' to take place in. And let's not forget the many 'easter eggs' floating around the site for the less casual viewer to enjoy.

If you do one thing on the site at all, check out the Strong Bad E-Mail section (under the toons menu, in the features menu). Strong Bad E-mail has become to Homestar Runner pretty much what the chat quotes have become to this site. There is a whole lot more site but Chat Quotes--I mean, Strong Bad E-mail is what people come to see. Everybody loves Strong Bad E-Mail. He's a great... Well, let's not finish that sentence.

Go have a look. Make sure you have some free time to spend.

No less than some two hours after I wrote all this, I went to the Schlock Mercenary site to read the daily comic, and what do I find in the 'Open Letter' of april 20th?

"In completely unrelated linkage, if you're not yet a regular visitor at Homestar Runner, you should be. Start here, then hit this and be sure to wait for the last screen, where you can find at least two easter-eggs with a little mouse-over action."

See? I told you! Though personally I'd have you look here first.


Speaking of Chat Quotes, which of course have been updated again (and at this point I enjoy the cool breeze of people rushing off), I have added another section in honour of those sites which were possibly once my inspiration but are certainly now The Competition. It is an extremely small list of other chat quotes sites, no matter how small or how old and dead (in fact, those can be fun from a historical point of view). What irks me though is that it is, well, really small. With two entries it is only even a list on technicalities. I know there are more such sites out there, but I do not have their URLs. If anyone has any for me to add, I would very gladly hear of it.

Gathering 2002 Photographs

And lastly, a promise, so that this may, in fact, happen one day. I promise that next update I will upload photographs of the Virginia Gathering and (to me) related events. Even then it will be nothing more than a file listing of curiously named jpg-files, but it will be something at least.

One might ask why I don't just upload the whole bunch right now. Well, the simple answer is, I will have to go throught them to make sure I leave out pictures like the one with me and the shee--... Embarrassing and personal photographs. Once that is done though, you will all be able to view the glory that is my collection of 2002 vacation shots.

Remember to remind me. In fact, kick me. That will remind me.