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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  May 29th 2003

Alright, alright, so I add new quotes, I work my backside off moving parts of the site over to ninja-turtles.org to actually fit the quotes into the site, then move the entire Station 8 section to the main page / main menu since the quotes are, after all, the most important part of the site, I add pictures to the galleries and realise I have more galleries than I initially thought, I even went through the trouble of adding a link to the Miniclan Quotebook to the Quotes competition page, and yet I know, I just know, that if I don't type up an explanation here, some people's first reaction will sinply be "where are those Gathering pictures you promised, Arno?"

Well, I did not lie. They are online. I did, in hindsight, fib a bit though. They are without description and the sheer colume of it all makes me fear that the current set-up, little more than a file listing, will only scare people off. So, they are online, but unlinked. I'll try to work on that if I ever find the time before my vacation to America.

On a brighter note, this update marks a rather special event. Back in 1999, Jessie drew me my very first picture. I remember how terribly exciting this was. To an artist drawing a picture may be a prefectly ordinary thing, but for a more ordinary person like myuself seeing yourself or something you made up drawn out before him is quite special indeed. Since then many people have flattered and excited me with various pictures of various Arno-related things. And today...

Thank you all very much! :)

Lastly, a note that this will probably be the last update in the next two months or so. In less than 4 weeks I will be in the U.S.A. and, among other things, attending the Gathering in New York. To all those who can make it there too, I'll see you there. To those who cannot, I hope you have a good summer regardless. I'll take pictures. I won't promise that they will ever be online this time. ;)

So as not to leave you entirely emptyhanded during the long, cold weeks of my absense, I will provide you with this little flash animation I found. At the end there is a link to the creator's site, which at first glance looked well worthy of some attention.

Enjoy the update!