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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  October 18th 2003

Well, it certainly has been a while since I last wrote something here. But I have stuff to say again, so here goes...

The State of Station 8

So... Quiet lately, isn't it?

I am, of course, refering to the Station 8 Gargoyles Chatroom. Now, I may be the only one who notices this, and maybe I am just coming online at bad times, but it seems to me that at times dead turtles show more life than our beloved chat. I never look in anymore and find a conversation in progress. I'd love to join one of those, but instead I find the place empty and deserted. So, I enter, say my regular "Good evening" thing and wait for people to show up, if they show up at all.

Am I the only one who noticed this? I very much doubt it, considering the ridiculous amount of dead room messages I found in the backlog lately. Things don't seem to be going well for our chat. And yes, I know, one is really, really busy with school, the other can't easily get online, yet another has found a life... I know. I'm guilty of it myself: I can't type too much cause of my wrists; I've been busy and distracted lately; I'm updating the site, I can't chat!

Fact is, whatever the reasons are, all valid, I'm sure, the place is empty. People attract people and nothing attracts, well, nothing. We've been having a lot more nothing than I feel comfortable with lately. The chat quotes? I updated them. What measly little number of them there was. And when this update is done I'm going to advertise it in chat and I can be assured of the fact that the link will stay there for at least 12 hours.

Come on guys, we can do better than that, right? I know we're all older, and the slew of newbies has become a trickle, but that doesn't mean the place needs to turn into a wasteland, occasionally lurked on by 'regs' who complain 'no one is ever there' and instantly turn around and leave. What the heck am I going to quote then? The chat room clock? I warn you, it has a poor sense of humour.

My problem here is, I don't know how many people read this. I could be preaching for a vast audience here, or I could be addressing maybe two or three people. I just don't know (though I suspect the latter). But how is this: if I try to be around more, you too try to be around more. Does that sound fair? Is it something we can do? And for crying out loud, talk to each other! Don't just sit there and talk with me alone as I hold three seperate conversations, which all die when I leave. You're an interesting and entertaining lot. Show an interest in each other. Entertain each other. And have fun! That's what the place is for! (Rumours about some Gargoyles fandom use notwithstanding.)


Now then, something else I wanted to get to for a while. I just never got round to it. This has to do with submitted quotes for the quotes page. Now, first, let me point out how much I want to receive such quotes, and how little of them I get. I know I don't use every last one submitted, or perhaps not quite as intended, but that doesn't mean I don't want them. I need them. Because I'm the only logger the quotes are quite Arno-centric. This has to change.

But for you guys to do this, I find, you have to take the Internet Explorer hurdle. Now, I use Opera, version 7 point something. I just right click on the chat, tell it to save, and it saves one HTML-file containing the posts of the chat at that moment. Done. You people however, or at least most of you, use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has made saving sites really easy. But as so frequently happens when authors of computer programs make things easy, it has therefore become much harder to actually save the thing you want. Logs have been lost that way.

So, here is my advice: when you see something in chat you wish to log, right-click on the chat window. My version of Internet Explorer is Dutch, but you should find an option that might be called something like "Show Source". Selecting this will show the HTML behind the page in Notepad. And we all know how to save files in notepad, right? Just save it as a textfile, and there you go. Log saved. That's all there is to it.

So I dont want to hear any more excuses. I want to see log files. Now.

The Shee Poll

Just a small note for those who have not yet read the latest quotes: my little pet sheep Shee's fate lies in your hands. So take your responsibility and vote. If you feel strongly about the issue, feel free to vote as many times as you like. One man, one vote is an outdated concept anyway. This is the internet, after all.

For those of an impatient breed, you can find the poll

The Wyvern, part II

Lastly, some self-centred advertising. As I had wanted to write in an earlier update, I decided to post an attempted story in progress in parts in order to get more feedback. This time part II of this story,
The Wyvern, has been added in the Stories section. You'll find the Stories section easy to locate. Just look at the vertical bar on the left of the page. There's a link near the top that looks like this:


Found it?
Seriously, I am not going to force any of this on anyone. But I would be happy with any reader and any feedback. I think I seriously need it. Tell me what's wrong with it. I can take it.

And that is all for now. I remember hoarding some fun links, but I forgot what they were. So unless someone is really interested in the Badger Badger Mushroom animation, it'll have to wait for another oppertunity. Boring, I know. Sorry.

Anyway, here's my update. Enjoy.