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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  December 7th 2003

Well, it certainly was about time for an update, wasn't it? Seeing as how it took so long, I've got a fair number of stuff to tell about.

The Great Reshuffle

Alright, I know this is absolutely dull, but I figured it deserved a mention anyway. This update I had to take care of some server space issues.
You see, I have two bits of webspace, one courtesy of my ISP, and one courtesy of Lex of the Miniclan. The space at my ISP is finite and, more importantly, small: 10MB. The space Lex gives me has no set limit, other than what decent use of this generocity allows. In return I promised, on my own accoard, to mark each page hosted on that server with a few links to her site.

This worked out fine. The huge gallery archive lives quite happily on her server, while the rest existed peacefully on my ISP's. But then there were the chat quotes. The chat quotes alone, all text, now take up more than 5MB.

So, my space at my ISP was getting too full. I had to reshuffle. As a result, there might be broken links, and bookmarks may no longer work. Be warned. And, please, warn me?

The Shee Poll

And now for the real news! You sure had to wait for this one, didn't you? But the results are in. I don't think anyone was still in the dark about this, but for those still unaware: Shee Lives!

Now, looking at the results was actually quite interesting. The very first thing I learned was that I made one big mistake: I should have added a comment field. I have become rather fascinated with the people who replied and their reasons. For one thing, I don't even know all of them! There is an Amber, and there is a Bill, and Direwolf I think I had met once at that point, and that was some time ago. Interestingly they all voted for Shee to die! Apparently our little sheep has made some enemies without telling me.

Another thing is that some people voted more than once. This is okay. I even encouraged it. It shows you care. ;)
Equally interesting is that there are people in there I thought would hardly remember me. Go figure. I've got more visitors than I thought!

Anyway, here are the results. Privacy be damned. ;)

Shee Lives:Shee Dies:
Stef (Jessie's very angry sister)Bill
Damon CanineStar
Mel thinks you are SICK! ;)MAui...MUahAhAHAHAHAA!!
RobertDE - Armed with Teriyaki
Mel says LIVE!!!
Oh hey, you added space to the top
I am being good and limiting spamage to 3. ;)
ok, so I lied. LIVE SHEE! LIVE!!!!!!!!
Mika again
<empty nametag>

More Polls

As some may know, november 7th Greg Weisman stopped by in the Station 8 Gargoyles Chatroom. It was a well-publicised afair and there were masses of people. At some point someone asked the question "What did Titania whisper in Fox's Ear in The Gathering part II" was asked again. Greg Weisman had always refused to answer this question and this time, again, the fans were left emptyhanded.
So, some of them made up their own reasons.

Now, inspired by Shinga, you too can give your take on the question. What DID Titania whisper? "Your shoelaces are untied"? "David's your half-brother"? "There is no spoon"? Come on, play along, and take the
Whisper Poll.

The Great Cow Theft

I was in the train the other day, and I read this sports column. It was from a Dutch correspondent in the United States and for some reason had nothing to do with sport. I read it, I tore it out and took it home with me. I will translate for you the relevant parts:

"When you think of cattle rustlers you think of the Wild West. Of cowboy movies and Eagle Eye. But cattle rustlers still exist in the US. And because the price of meat cows has climbed to record heights this year, there are complaints in several rural states about a considerable rise in stolen cattle."


"Cattle rustlers too profit frommthe strong meat market. No one knows exactly how many cows are stolen, but farmers agree that it happens more often than it used to. If you know what you're doing it's apparently not very hard to park a cattle truck on the middle of the night on one of the outstretched ranches of thousands of acres, and load in a few cows.
In Texas and Oklahoma the authorities say that it involves tens of thousands of cows. Less simple than stealing is selling the loot. The registration of cows is pretty watertight. Stolen cattle is found often enough as a result. But unlike in the days of Clint Eastwood's Rawhide cowboys thieves with a cattle truck can be thousands of kilometers away in no time."

Erm... If I claim I have nothing to do with this... Will anyone believe me at all? ;)

Guest Book

I have a guest book! Yes I do. I've had one since the year 2000. The last entry in it mentioned being the first entry of the year 2003. And since then it has been quiet. Well, after a long and difficult investigation I discovered something desturbing: the links to the guest book had stopped working! Gasp! Who knew!

I know, I know, I should have read the Bravenet e-mail. But it's just so full of junk I'm not interested in! Anyway, I fixed the links. They came with two shiny new buttons, on of which was animated and everything, so I put in some extra effort to make it stop animating. You will see them on the side-bar of every page and are free once again to leave your comments. ;) And that's all. Time to do all the stuff I forgot to do and upload.