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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  February 1st 2004

Look! It's been less than two months before the next update!

Happy New Year!

Both christmas and new year have come and gone. Even the Chinese year of the Sheep has passed, and the year of the Monkey is upon us, or so I am told. Many people have wished me a Merry Christmas. Almost as many have wished me a Happy New Year, but almost always as a sort of addition to the Merry Christmas, or even a Happy Hollidays.
Don't you find this odd?

Because, you see, christmas is only two days. Perhaps even one if you're an American, I don't know. It would be nice certainly if they were merry, but it is hardly essential. Now, the new year, however... That's a bit longer, isn't it? A lot can happen in a whole year. Imagine an unhappy new year. It would be most unpleasant.

So, with that thought in mind, even though January is already behind us, I'd like to wish everyone a truly happy new year. And yes, this may include next christmas as well, if you like. Enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas? Didn't I just do the whole new year's thing? Well, yes, but I just wanted to be the last to make mention of Shinga's Station 8 christmas picture, for those of you who have been chatting in a cave for the past month. Behold:

Shinga's Christmas Picture

I just wanted go say that this is very cool in my opinion. It probably made a lot of people's day...
But who is that grey gargoyle?

Incidentally, Shinga's website can be found here.

The Wisper Poll

As I announced last time, I wanted to try another poll, a poll regarding what it was Titania whispered in Fox' ear at the end of the Gargoyles episode 'The Gathering part II'. The poll was, however, considerably less succesful than The Shee Poll. I guess it's true: people prefer multiple choice. At least you can guess at the correct answer.

Still, there were four people who sent in their ideas, six in total. It would be unfair not to put them up, wouldn't it? So without further ado...
  • You have a really nasty snot hanging out of your nose. Go get a tissue. - Whoever
  • Your real father is Paul McCartney - Shinga
  • You are getting the good end of the deal, Dear, Puck is great in bed - Anonymous (but I know who it is! ;) )
  • Fox, I really am your FATHER - Kiva
  • Fox, I think you should know, but... Xanatos is wearing women's underwear. - Kiva
  • Titania, we somehow have to tell Arno that, according to his "Friend's Links" on his website, he hasn't had friends in over THREE YEARS. And doesn't that seem rather... how shall we say this... sad? ;) - Kiva
As for that last one. Er... I'm working on it. Sort of. In my mind. You can start holding your breath any time this year now...

But for now, I am done. Happy update!