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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  August 1st 2004

Gathering bound

That's right. Tomorow afternoon (Dutch local time) I shall be leaving for Canada. Eight or\ nine hours later, that same afternoon, I shall arive in Canada. Canadian time, this time. I will stay with Dubble at MAui's apartment, graciously given permission to by her roommate, and we shall attend the Gathering in Montreal and all shall be well.

All this means that I'll be gone for at least two weeks. But, seeing as I am such a thoughtful person, I thought to update my site before I left. So, for those staying at home, there are quotes to look at, two pictures to gawk at and this little bit of text to read.

And to further help these people through their depressing time staying home, we here at Arno's Amazing Homepage have compiled the following:

Things to do when left behind

The following selection of links may help pass away the time for you people staying home. Heck, you might even get a laugh out of them:

Seanbaby's Super Friends Page
Remember the Super Friends? I sure don't. They never aired it in The Netherlands. From what I heard even before seeing this page, there was good reason for this. For those unaware, Super Friends was a cartoon that put Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantarn and a whole bunch of less famous or downright made up superheroes in one single team: the Super Friends. They then fought the combined forces of their arch enemies, the Legion of Doom. The most interesting aspect of this show was, apparently, that it was even worse than it sounds!

Someone named 'Seanbaby' made this website about it. I found it extremely funny, hillarious at times. Seanbaby didn't even need to put much effort in the humour part; the clips and situations described pretty much could have done the job for him.

An excerpt from the site:

When the Super Friends thought through a riddle, it was like a man with a head wound reading random words out of a dictionary. So the Riddler brought more to the show than just a new standard in Fucking Stupid. His Super Riddles* helped us see the frightening logic train in the Super Friends' heads just enough that we could almost understand how they ended up in clothes like that.
*A "super riddle" is a lot like a "regular riddle" only it rhymes, makes no sense, and the answer is usually "dive into a pool of acid."

For example, people like you can see an oven and grunt outloud, "oven is hot. hot things hurt. hurt is bad. it is bad to touch oven." The Super Friends see an oven and shout, "oven... heat... lava... Great Gotham! The Legion of Doom's headquarters is in the heart of a volcano! Let's roll!" But the most insane part is that they're usually right. After they're done spitting out nonsense, they jump into the volcano (sometimes in protective lavaproof jumpsuits), rescue Aquaman, stop the bad guys without punching them, make a joke about how it was a "HOT TIME!" and the only thing you did was sit in a room next to an oven and not touch it. You suck.

Or, you can simply let the provided movie clips speak for themselves:

Robin: Holy heavyweight, Batman! Whoever that crook was, he tore the door off with his bare hands!
Batman: He won't be tearing any doors off when he's behind bars, Robin!

Great fun, overall. Take a look.

Red vs. Blue
I was pointed to this site by several people. Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles is an ongoing series of movies set in, of all things, the Halo universe. That would be the game Halo, the first person shooter. The story, as it is, centers around two small groups of mostly incompetent soldiers, the Reds and the Blues, constantly battling each other in an insignificant canyon called the Blood Gulch. Or at least, they would be battling each other, if they didn't seem to get into all sorts of other trouble all the time.

The interesting thing is that they appear to have used the same game to make these movies. What this basically is is a number of generic player characters in different colour battle suits running around a game map. The creators have added voices to each of the characters, giving them their seperate personalities and quirks, and the overall effect is amazingly effective. You need to see it to believe how well such a rediculous idea can be executed.

Needless to say, the overall focus of the movies is humour. Never having played the game doesn't seem to be too much of a hindrance. I never even saw the game myself but enjoyed these movies regerdless. At best, I might have missed some injokes.

There are two seasons worth of movies. The second season has just finished and is still up for download in its entirety. Only a few episodes of the first season are every available at any one time, but they are constantly rotated to give you a chance to download them all.

If you doubt you'll like this, just download a few of the Public Service Announcements or other perephiral movies they made. Try PSA #7"Mother's Day Video" (Season 2), for instance.

Bikman's Family Games
This is a link Wingless came up with. The site appears to be mostly Russian, but the games are playable. Try the game with the fighter jet and laserbeam firing cows...

The Peril of Doc Ock
A fun movie/publicity stunt cashing in on the success of the Spiderman 2 movie. Very cleverly made. I won't spoil it by telling you the clever part; you'll just have to watch.

Hey Hey 16k!
I forget who first presented me with this link. It's another movie, not spectacularly well made, but it's got a fun song about the good old days when computers had 16k of memory and the games were still fun. For those who like a nostalgic trip back in time.

The SmarterChild logs
And lastly, some bonus quotes for the quotes page. It was Shinga who first made me aware of the existance of SmarterChild the AIM bot. Behold the results.

And that is pretty much it. Have fun everyone. I'll see you in Toronto, at the Gathering, or when I get back. Have a good few weeks!