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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  January 24th 2005

The Most Awesome Little Thing

Before I start with anything else, I want you to see what Beedoo! made me for christmas:

Isn't it just the most awesome little thing ever? The dragon, I mean. Ignore the sheep. ;)

The Important Things In Life

Do you know why I have this section? In part it's because every once in a while I have this feeling that I have something to tell the world. It's not often, though. Not often enough to, say, get a LiveJournal or something like that. Oftentimes it's just this brief surge in my mind, when I'm on the train or in the shower or something. In my mind I'm eloquent, convincing, passionate, whatever I need to be to say what I want to say. But by the time I'm in a position to write it down, it's either gone, or I realise that it's all embarrassing crap.

So instead fill this section with all sorts of information, fun things, things I also wanted to say but aren't quite as important. I never get down to the important things in life, and that is mostly a good thing. There's something very arrogant about someone who really believes he's got something to tell other people they wouldn't be able to figure out themselves. It would be an insult.

But some things simply are important enough to bring up anyway. If you're one of the two (or zero) people who reads this, you've already seen the
message that replaced this site for most of January (despite my promise to put it up for one week, shame on me).

If there's anything important in life then this is it. I'll keep the message around for a bit longer, if only to remind myself not to forget too easily about these people.

My Own Home

And lastly, an explanation.

I had promised to have my site updated January 8th or so. It's now January 24th. Now, it's not unusual for me not to make good on such promises, but this time I had a very good reason.

You see, lately my life has been fairly busy. The reason for this is that they are building condos near where I live and I want one. Suddenly I find myself emersed in mortgages, tax deduction, building plans and helpful relatives. To help me I have an uncle who's job used to be all about this sort of thing and a program from work that does all sorts of mortgage calculations.

One word one could use to describe this period in my life is 'exciting'. Yeah, that's one word alright. We're talking about big sums of money and a whole lot of commitment and responsibility. But also about a lovely spot right in the center of everywhere I'll ever need to be.

So, updates might get even more erratic from here on. I'm not saying that they will be, but I will need to focus a considerable amount of time and attention on this until I've either bought the future condo, or find myself out of luck.

Wish me luck everyone!