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  September 24th 2005

Is This Thing On?


Hi. Heh, remember me? I'm the guy who is supposed to update this site. You'll know me as Arno, of course. I know, I know, I haven't updated for over 7 months. But then again, I did warn you in the
last Attic section, didn't I? Oh, you don't read those? Well, shame on you.

So, it's been a while, and then a while longer because this update was gigantic as a result. You see, I hadn't forgotten about this site. No way. I've been faithfully logging for the Station 8 Chat Quotes section, in fact. Along with some contributions from Beedoo! 553 log files ended up on my hard disk to be processed into quotes. 553 files were processed into quotes. It's a huge update, then, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I regretted having to make them. I think the very last quote is particularly noteworthy, so look out for it. It's the first one of the month september, so you can't miss it.

So where the heck have I been anyway? Well, a lot of stuff happened. Good stuff and bad stuff. The good stuff, the very good stuff, is that I bought a condo. It is near where I live, and has everything you could possibly desire except for a sane price. Luckily, I saved up. So I have been stuck working on mortgages, taxes, building plans and the moving around of frightening amounts of money. A few months ago I knocked together a little site to show to people online and save me typing up the same story a hundred times. You can see it here if you are interested.

I have also been to the Gathering in Las Vegas and spent the surrounding weeks with Beedoo! in Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff is a beautiful place, so much unlike anything I had ever seen. I think it is rather a shame that I don't live there. Then again, I don't live in Las Vegas either, so it could be a lot worse... ;)

And the bad stuff? Let's leave that where it is. Who wants to hear about all this stuff when there are chat quotes to read anyway? :)

Wind and Water

Some may remember that at the start of the year, shortly after Dutch midnight, I put up a bit of text regarding the victims of the Asian tsunami who entered the new year without their homes, without their loved ones and with little hope. A link to it adorned my page for the next seven months, until this update. It is still important to remember them, but you can't keep linking forever. It'll be like an advertising banner: no one will even notice it anymore anyway.

But I am reminded of those images and the feelings I had with them by the images that come to us from New Orleans right now. The scale and the causes may be different, but I'm seeing the same thing all over again.

So I could write another poorly conceived but impassioned speech about the people who are without homes and without their loved ones. I could certainly tell of the fire fighters on the news who had lost their own homes and had been rushing around for days saving the wrecked city from fires while their families sat in shelters or, if they were lucky, far away. And how about the doctors, the nurses, the policemen? And what of the people who have the gruesome task of clean-up ahead of them?

But you can't keep doing that forever too. It'll be an easy way to say "I care", without actually having to get off my butt. But I do think of all the people who have been hit by this disaster, and I salute all of those who are doing their duty when all any sane man would like to do is run away and don't look back.

Meanwhile, the Dutch government has ordered a thorough inspection of the dykes. I live below sea level too. If any disaster is ever going to befall me, this is likely going to be it.

Soon there will be a New and Improved Orleans...