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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  October 29th 2001

What? Attic?

Why, yes. A few weeks ago I found an e-mail from Beedoo! in my inbox saying she actually rather liked the name. And since I hated the name 'rambles', I figured that if 100% of all votes showed a preference for the name 'attic', who am I to say no?
Actually, she suggested I make it 'Arno's Opinion Attic. Opinions: $1'. Be grateful I decided against this.

This is a frame from Jessie's comic Dakota's Ridge. I have copied it and reproduced it on this page without consent, only so I can say how much I love this particular image.


I realised something yesterday. It was while I was updating this site. I saw the link to Jessie's Elfwood Gallery, and I decided to click it. Why not?
While I was looking at the pictures, I was struck by two things: the first was that an embarrassing number of these pictures were (partly) of my own characters. This was actually the first time I realised this. The second realisation came after I left a comment with praise for Post-It Dragon, one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen from her hand.

I realised there were three comments. And I figured, three comments? This thing deserves more than three comments! So why weren't there? Surely Elfwood is a popular place. Scores of people most have perused her gallery by now, the internet harbours a vast number of people after all. So where are the comments? Where are the compliments?
But then, where are mine? The total number of guestbooks I ever signed is three. I never e-mailed the author of any site about how much I enjoyed its content. Recently I sang Narbonic's praises, but did I ever e-mail the artist to tell her how much I enjoy the comic? No. It has been 5 years since I first came to Gorebash's Station 8 Gargoyles site. I still go there daily, I made many friends there, they have had quite an influence on my life. Did I ever even once e-mail him to thank him? Of course not!

The internet is full of free content. I look at it, use it, read it, play it, but never let anyone know that I appreciate the time and effort they invested in it. Too much work. I have a feeling I'm not quite alone in this.
But people need praise. People need to know their efforts are appreciated. It wouldn't be fair to deny these people the only reward they can receive.

In short: don't be an Arno. If you see something you like, something you enjoy, let whoever created it know. I know from experience that it helps immensely, while the effort needed is bound to be only a fraction of the effort put into the thing in the first place.

Next month: saving the whales through positive thinking.