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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  December 6th 2001

December 5th is traditionally a day on which us Dutch people give each other gifts. We pretend they come from Sinterklaas; Americans might benefit from imagining a skinny, stately Santa Claus. Here's what my ISP gave me for Sinterklaas:

10MB of webspace for me to fill. Instead of 20MB.

Yesterday it was pointed out to me that the server on which my website resided could no longer be reached. This is no surprise; after all, it was the webserver of my old ISP, which had been bought by my current ISP. I was, however, rather surprised to note that they did not actually move my website to its new location. While this sudden end to my website was annoying, as I really have no way of redirecting people to this new location, I set about uploading the site to its new location myself. Halfway through the update CuteFTP started complaining all over the place and it turned out I had reached my limit halfway through.

And so I have put aside my promised update of the quotes section to set about correcting this problem. The irony is that, while the Gallery was the main reason for me to start this site, it's sheer 11+MB size means that I will never be able to fit it in the space I now have. Therefore, sadly, it is the Gallery that suffers. While I will continue to update the Gallery behind the screen, and will put up the newest pictures as long as space allows, the Gallery's archive, as it were, has been removed.

There will undoubtedly be some broken links here and there on the site. Right now I don't worry too much about them. If they bother you, feel free to inform me of their locations and I will remove them for the time being.

This leaves the question of what to do next. Where do I go with this site? Some of you may remember me mentioning www.ninja-turtles.org. However, shortly before I actually tried the password on that thing the generous Lex of the Miniclan who gave me that space fell off the face of the Earth. I know the space is there, in existance, but I cannot actually get it to accept the password. Ironically I've been putting off contacting the missing Lex so as not to seem like I only was looking for her because of the webspace. Now I may have to.
There already have been several suggestions of free webspace providers. I'm not so sure if I like most of them though; I put too much effort in this site to have it destoryed by slug servers and pop-up offers to buy a neat little spy camera. Some people have mentioned free webspace providers with no advertisements. I'm looking into them, but I always suspect there is a catch somewhere. There is also the issue of 'hotlinking' that may confuse things further. Lastly, the first thing people suggested was to rent space at Hudson's server, Ketnar.org. I am not certain though, whether this site is actually worth $10 a month, especially at the current exchange rate.

In short, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them. The same would go to kind offers of free or cheap webspace. In the mean time, the site will stay as it is. There will be chat quotes, dangit, and there will be new pictures.
So go appreciate it. Now! ;)

Oh, and psst... If you go to the chat quotes section you may just find it half updated cause of the unforseen upload. ;)