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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  February 11th 2002

It is done!

Okay, what the heck am I talking about? I'm talking about a story I've been writing. I started December 2000, and figured I'd have to work on it for about half a year. Eventually, it turned out to take almost 13 months. It was supposed to be shorter than Demon's Eye. It turned out almost twice as long. But finally, it is done: Fjern's Folly

It is another Arcadia related story, which is probably longer than any sane person would care to read. But it's there, finally. If you wish, read it. If not... Don't. ;)
I had intended to take a break from writing until I caught up with the big stack of Discworld novels I kept around for 'when the story is done'. I guess it was hard to just stop though; I've already started on a new, much shorter, and much more absurd story based on the exploits of four regular characters from the Station 8 chatroom. I expect it to be up by the next update.

The Pythagoras Proof Poem

You may or may not recall what I wrote here on October 29th 2001. In short, I stated the following:

On the internet, admittedly hidden under a big pile of crud, are some things we can genuinely enjoy. This could be a wonderful picture, a great story, or, in the spirit of what I'm about to write, a great webcomic. And I stated that the people who give you these things get nothing in return. All they can ever expect for their efforts is our appreciation. We should show them this appreciation. Let them know we enjoy their work. The effort it takes to give a little feedback if infinately smaller than the effort put in whatever it is we are enjoying, and yet it can be so valuable.
(I would like to encourage people who will actually read my new story to remember this fact. ;) )

Not wanting to be too much of a hypocrite, I took my own advice, and e-mailed my compliments to the warped mind behind the great webcomic Narbonic. And I found that Shaenon, as she is called, is a very nice person, who deserves a lot of success for being that alone. From my compliments some sporadic correspondance formed, in which I eventually showed my true colours as an idiot. In order to hide my stupidity somewhat, I then jokingly proposed that I would show her the proof of Pythagoras' Theorem ("a squared plus b squared equals c squared").
"I don't know," she answered. "Does it rhyme?"

The resulting Pythagoras Proof Poem has found its way into the comic itself. You may find it HERE.

I am quite proud to have been featured (so prominently, even) in what I consider one of the best webcomics around. In return, I once again urge anyone reading this to take a look at Narbonic. Mad Science and Mathematics-related Poetry. What more could you possibly want?

The Wonderous Kiva

Finally, a short note on the latest addition to these pages: a section dedicated to the study of this most wonderous creature: the Kiva. Kiva, as most of us will know, if a great human being who would manage to spread cheer at armageddon itself. The section was, until today, advertised at the top of the main page. Those, looking for the (updated!) Kiva-section might like to know that it can be found under Miscellaneous / Station 8 / Kiva.

And that is all for now.