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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet


  July 29th 2002

I've been busy...

I've been busy in many ways. First I was busy as I tried to get everything aranged before going to The United States and the Gathering. Then I was busy being in the United States and at the Gathering. and when I came back, I was so tired I could hardly do anything but my own payed job, which promptly developed a crisis that needed to be solved. So yeah, I've been busy.

However, I would have done it the same way again if I had the choice. My visit back to the States and the Gathering itself was once again great fun. I won't bore you with all the details of everything that happened and everything we did. For this we have photo galleries, about which I will be making an announcement after this. I would however, like to say the following: The Gathering 2002 staff did, on the whole, a great job.

I am fairly certain that those few people who read this will already know, because there's a good chance that they know my friends as well as I do, but organising a Gathering definately seems to take it out of a person. It is no small thing, and I think it is only fair to be grateful to every Gathering staff past, present and future for the time and effort they have put into this. I am only glad that my friends survived the weekend.
As for the Gathering itself, well, less people showed up this year than last year. That was to be expected. L.A. was 'the big one'. Even before a decision was made about the con staff of this year some people considered L.A. to be their last chance to go to a Gathering, worthy of a lot of extra effort. After that, it would just wind down, and why bother coming then. To them I say "Your loss!". And to them, I also say, please come to a future Gathering. Future staffs need your support, and if it's anything like this year, you won't be disappointed.

Now then, as I said, I have been busy, and this is particularly true for this weekend. I have not only finally updated the Quotes Section again (No! Don't go yet! I'm not done yapping...), and finally updated the Gallery, but I have also finished putting the pictures of my trip to the States and the Gathering online. The only drawback I can think of is that these are, in fact, last year's pictures. For this year's pictures, I propose to wait one more year and see what happens. I'll get to them. Eventually.
For those who are interested in 140 pictures and a lot of stories no one will be interested in, the aforementioned pictures can be found in the newly created section Photo Album. This is where I eventually expect the pictures of this year to appear too.

That is all from me, I suppose. The Gathering is over, the photos are online (last year's, granted, but still...) Things can return to normal now. Hope everyone had a good time at the Gathering! And to those that did not go... Your loss.