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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

- March 3rd 2002
A link to The Greatest Hero, a Station 8 based story in the Stories section, was added.

- January 23rd 2002
An entire new section added for Kiva. Cause why not!?

- May 22nd 2001
A whole new section added: Chat quotes. Cause sometimes people say the most amusing things in chat.

Free Guestbook from Bravenet

  It was 1996 when I was trying out this internet thing at university and, quite frankly, was getting rather bored with it. Sure, some rather unusual sites kept me entertained, but they were losing their novelty value. I began thinking of words to type into search engines and suddenly I had a crazy thought: I typed in "Gargoyles". This eventually led me to Station 8.

So why have an actual section about another site? Well, it's not just another site. It has been the historical hub for the online Gargoyles fandom. It has a comment room where the first Gargoyles convention was planned, The Gathering. The ongoing online unofficial continuation of Gargoyles in the form of a fanfic series under the name "The Gargoyles Saga" was planned there in its early stages. It also has the Ask Greg section, where questions and comments can be posted to Greg Weisman, the main producer of Gargoyles. you can download pictures and movies from the series... All this pales into comparison with its best feature though: it has a chatroom.

More than about Station 8, this section is about the Station 8 Gargoyles Chatroom. A collection of amusing things that have come from this place, even if they are only of amusement to me.

  • Station 8 Chat Quotes - People say the funniest things sometimes. You wish you could save them, like a snapshot, put them away somewhere and look at them later. And when these things are said in chat, you can!
  • Station 8 Story: The Greatest Hero - A link to a story I wrote about a number of characters found in the Station 8 chatroom.
  • 101 uses for a dead Arno - It was an interesting day, November 1999. Though I forgot exactly how, we ended up trying to come up with 101 uses for a dead Arno. Much to my amazement, we actually did. Not sure wether to feel flattered or frightened, however.
  • Dragon pictures - Now this is something to be flattered about. This is the section of the gallery dedicated to a single roleplaying event in which I've been changed into a great black dragon.
  • Chatroom Rules - Long ago another list was made. The Chatroom Rules, compiled by Duncan. They're good for a laugh, I think. Shame a number of these people are rarely around anymore. These rules are hosted on Duncan's Homepage.
  • Rules and Regulations of a bad newbie - It had been a bad period in the chatroom. Many of the newcomers had been rude, annoying or downright insulting to the intelligence. The day after one of them decided that my one friendly post to him infered some sort of fued worthy of driving everybody in the room away over weeks later, Jessie and me relieved some stress with yet another list... This list is hosted on Jessie's homepage, 'Jessie's Alley'.
  • The WE LOVE ARNO!!! page - These people are all nuts... But they're flattering nuts. :)
  • I'm No Vegetarian - A funny poem by Beedoo! about my exploits as a dragon in Station 8.
  • Kiva! - Who is Kiva? What is Kiva? You decide!