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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Gorebash endorsement! Of sorts...

Fear not fans of Onar's quotes for I have seen the truth,
And it really is nothing but a ball of poof.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003 01:32:08 AM


Whether it be intentional or not, chatters can sometimes say the funniest things. It could be caused by a typo, a misunderstanding, or simply by a good sense of humour and the right circumstances. In real life, you laugh and move on. In chat, you laugh and log, so that these logs can later be enjoyed again, like vacation snapshots.
While there is a lot of 'you should have been there' among these logs, I will still display the funniest moments on these pages, in the hopes that some of the humour is retained and will give cause to a chuckle or two.


Though I'd started chatting at Station 8 more than 2 years before, July 1st 1999 was the day I got internet access at home and could start logging. I have split up the logs in half year periods at most to create some order out of chaos. Please note that nearly all of these logs have been edited in some way to remove extraneous material. Entire chatters have been removed from RPs and chats if they added very little or nothing to the quote at hand.
Should any of the chatters who are quoted on these pages have a problem with the quotes, or the mere fact that they have been quoted, they can contact me and I will remove said quotes immediately. Should anyone have a set of logs with quotes they feel just have to be displayed in public, let me know. The more, the merrier.

A brief online comic by MAui, based on the Station 8 Gargoyles Chatroom


Being a normal human being, I need to eat sleep, work, rest, etc... Therefore, I am not always around to log anything which I deem amusing enough to quote. An unwanted side-effect of this is that I am severely overrepresented in these quotes. After all, there is only really any logging going on when I myself am chatting.
This is why I'd be happy to receive logs from others to include in this continuously expanding collection. However, this is where the normal human being part comes in.

In principle, I will accept any log. However, if you want to make my life easier, I'd greatly appreciate it if the following 'rules' are met:
  • Keep it HTML - Copying and pasting into a textfile or a Word document works fine, but it means I have to put all the HTML code that was lost back. Your browser more than likely supports an option to 'save a page'. This can be used to take a snapshot of the chat in the form of an HTML file which I'd be very happy to receive.
  • Save the right thing - On that note, for the good of your own quotes, save the right thing. Even I after all this time make the mistake of accidentally saving not the contents of the chatroom, but the frames in which they were captured. When using framed chat make sure you save the contents of the frame. For this too, your browser has provisions, most likely found by right-clicking in the frame itself.
    A good indicator of a succesful safe is the filesize of the HTML file. A proper chatlog usually is about 8Kb in size. When you accidentally saved the frames, the HTML-file will only be about 1Kb in size.
  • Don't send HTML - "Huh?" I can hear you think. What it comes down to is this: hotmail does not work well with HTML file attachments. Hotmail's fault, which means extra trouble for me. To combat this problem you could either zip the files using Winzip, or change the filename extension to something silly. So, rather than sending me a file named 'chatlog.htm', send me the same file named '' or ''.
  • Use logical filenames - This is the least important 'rule' of all, but I have found that many people tend to name their chatlogs 'chatlog' of all things. I already have a 'chatlog.htm', a 'chatlog.txt' and a 'chatlog.doc'. I expect lost files in the future if this keeps up.
After all, even dragons are only human. ;)