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Free Guestbook from Bravenet

- February 25th 2007
And talk about radio silence... Writing hasn't been going particularly fantastic, but in the last 8 months or so I did manage to eek out two short stories: 'Scale' and 'Retry / Abort?'. I hope they'll do...

- December 7th 2003
And finally the third part of The Wyvern is now online. Expect a lot of radiosilence from hereon.

Free Guestbook from Bravenet
  These are stories. Stories are usually written for a reason. So what could have possibly possessed me to write these? The reason was a simple one. One day, during a three month period in which I could not get online, I had this idea for a little character called Nooit. I didn't think I'd ever do anything with it, seeing as I never wrote anything in my life. Having gotten back online, however, I told a good friend, Kessalia, about this. With some effort she convinced me to give it a try.

This section holds the consequences of her ill-considered act. Most are quite long and will require considerable time to read. Read them if you wish or go elsewhere if you want. Should you decide to read these though I would much appreciate any feedback, good, bad or otherwise.

Most of these stories take place in the context of the Arcadia Clan of which I am a member. The clan is a group of friends who have met each other in various forums. It has a website and a fictional universe in which role playing and stories can occur. As I joined this clan as the role playing character I have in Station 8 which due to lazyness is nothing more than a copy of who I am in real life and this is also the Arno character appearing in the stories. Yes, this is silly, but what can I do? ;)
The story The Greatest Hero is not an Arcadia story, but is instead based directly on the characters of some chatters of the Station 8 Gargoyles Chatroom.

LAST ADDITIONS: Scale and Retry / Abort?
  • Nooit - A magical catastrophe befalls Ward, capital of the Plains. The result: some very odd events and a little creature named Nooit.
  • The Demon's Eye - More trouble for Ward comes in the form of a white female gargoyle wearing an amulet that is not intended for decorative purposes.
  • Neighbours - Written especially for Jessie as a thank you for all the pictures she drew of my characters. A very short story about when Jessie met Keebler.
  • The Wolf and the Sheep - Being a soldier can be a dangerous job. Being a soldier in Ward can be downright weird!
  • Finals Fantasy - No matter where you are, it's basically the same thing with every exam: hard work, little sleep and floating sheep. Well, maybe it's not quite the same everywhere. A single scene story written specifically for Jessie, who at the time was in the middle of finals herself.
  • Fjern's Folly - Long ago, the dwarf Fjern left the Mines to do something with his life. Five hundred years later the past catches up with the present as Captian John Benjamin DeLancy is called upon to solve the mystery of Fjern's Passage.
  • The Greatest Hero - Not an Arcadia story, but a Station 8 Gargoyles Chatroom story. When Jessie, MAui, Dubble and Arno find themselves whisked off to another world, they also find that getting back is not quite as easy as it should have been.
    (Station 8)
  • The Wyvern - In all of Talenn's Trove there lived only one dragon. One wyvern for hire, far away from his kin. Contracted and handsomely paid to escort a fragile young gentleman and a sturdy young woman through the hazzardous lands of the Trove he suddenly found himself involved in matters that transcended the importance of all the gold in the world.
    One object. To dragons it meant life. To the people of the Trove, only death.
    To the Wyvern, it meant terrible trouble.
    (Original, in progress)
  • Scale - A short Arcadia story. Jason O'Hare, anthromorphology student, is talked into transporting a simple package by his father. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.
  • Retry / Abort? - A short story, inspired by a dream and written mostly in the space of one weekend. Running cargo and passengers around the solar system can be a dull and glamourless job. But when the most important component of the ship shuts down, it becomes clear just how much worse things could actually be.