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Genealogy of the Fam Kaljee


Rage Against the Machine                                                                                     
1. Abusive Annie
She has a tendency to verbally and physically abuse her PC at the first sign of IT going wrong.
She vents frustration easily but inappropriately, either at the machine or her IT manager/department.

2. Controlling Colin
He lives in fear of his PC because it is the one element of his working life that is beyond his control.
He refuses PC upgrades and will not go near his machine until it is properly fixed. He is most likely to
completely destroy his PC out of anger.

3. Simmering Susan
She will suffer in silence or walk away when PC frustration gets too much. Initially she will blame herself
for PC faults. She will try and contain her anger to an extent, until it all gets too much.

4. Analyzing Alan  
He wastes time trying to analyze  the PC problem in order to solve it. He will try to rationalise with his
PC, though it doesn’t ever help. He blames IT for missing deadlines due to the time he has wasted.
When all else fails he may resort to violence, but always in a concealed or underhand way

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