W e l c o m e   a t   A l e x ' s   s a l a m a n d e r   s h e d     y o u r   s i t e   f o r   s a l a m a n d e r s   ! ! ! ! !       L a s t     u p d a t e    3 0   M a r c h 
1 December 2008: I will be availeble at the TER beurs at HOUTEN, 14 th December 2008 at table Q11.i shall bring triturus Carnifex (white and wildcollor) and triturus Dobrogicus (males allready have chrests and females allready have layed eggs this year)

24 April 2007: At this stage i got larves of the triturus Carnifex, triturus Dobrogicus, triturus Marmoratus, triturus Karrelinii,  ommatriton Vittatus, You can order them for june/july this year.

6 Februar 2006: I will be present at the Jubileeshow Houten 19 March 2006 , with:Triturus Dobrogicus, Triturus Carnifex, Triturus Karelinii, Triturus Marmoratus, Pleurodeles waltl,

3 April 2005: I have published some pictures of my Neurergus Kaiseri's at page: http://members.chello.nl/a.kente/salamanders-foto-gallerij.htm

30 March 2005: The first marble larvae roam round in a bucket in the living room.

22 March 2005: I have come in the possession of 8 NEURERGUS KAISERI (unfortunately they are probabley 8 men)  if a someone wants to exchange a lady i gladly hear from you! Also I have 5 Salamandra Algira's.

21 March 2005: As from today Alex's salamander shed is also found by the URL: http://www.all salamanders.nl.nu

15 March 2005: In imitation of my triturus marmoratus, triturus Karelini, triturus Dobrogicus and my Axolotls, now also the triturus Carnifex are laying eggs.

8 January 2005: Please watch page: http://members.chello.nl/a.kente/salamanders-laatste-nieuws.htm

22 December 2004: Did you knew that??

14 December 2004: New link: http://www.caudata.org/

23 November 2004: As from today Alex's salamander shed,  is also to see on: http://www.all salamanders.tk/

17 November 2004: FOR SALE, because of shortage of space, large discount on juveniel t. Carnifex and adult t. Dobrogicus.............. e-mail for information.

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