However it is not desirable to take exotic animals concerning fauna counterfeiting. So only the domestic salamanders remain.The problem is, Domestic salamanders cannot be caught or expand. They must come automatically to the pond.
There is an exception, namely is the Axolotl. This type remains his complete life in water, what turns him into the perfect pond salamander. (See the photograph above) gold and the wildcoulor Axolotls. (The right photograph is also of my pond.) Look at 'Salamanders for sale ' if there are Axolotls present.


Axolotls in a pond

The most frequently asked questions concerning salamanders in a pond are: "is it possible to keep salamanders in a pond with fish". The answer on that question depends on the size and the type of the fish/salamanders and also the classification of the pond (has the pond large waterplant parties) is important. When the fish not too large and the salamanders not too small, then it's possible.
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