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First I will tell something about myself: I am a lover of salamanders and in 1998 I started with keeping Axolotls in my pond. In 2003, I became a member of the Dutch/Belgian salamander association. Since then I have extended my hobby with other salamanderspecies. I keep them in ten aquariums in my barn. With this website I hope to make you enthusiastic for and to give a new look on the possibilities for keeping salamanders. Also I try to give you a picture of the species available on the Dutch and Belgian market.




All photographs on this website can only be reproduced after permission of the webmaster.



On this website I will try to indicate the way to you to make keeping salamanders accessible. I will tell you something about the things you can do and especially what you cannot do. Furthermore I have dedicated chapters to buying salamanders, housing and feeding, salamanders in the pond and supply and demand. In the photogallery you find pictures of salamanders which I keep in my barn. If something happens particular with my animals, I will tell you in my diary in the 'last news'. If you have questions or remarks, you can mail me at 'contact'. On the link page there are other salamander related links.

As a newcomer in the salamander association I looked  my eyes out. Where I formerly only knew the assortment of the average animal shop, now I came in a world of knowledge and unexpected possibilities. Types where I could only dream of before, now came within reach. In the association there were already successfully breeded several types for dozens of years. They produced useful information concerning how to keep salamanders. Here a selection of types which can almost always be delivered by breeders of the association:







Axolotl (left photo), stays his complete life in the water , becomes about 30 cm  large and is simple to breed.

The Spanish ribbed newt is one of the largest European water salamander and is easy to keep and therefore a good salamander to start with.

There are also good breeding experiences with the European crested newts, such as the triturus Marmoratus, t Carnifex, t Karelinii (right photo) and t Dobrogicus, who can be kept practically complete aquatiel with some floating phelloderm.

For the triturus types however a transfer document is required (see 'buy salamanders').

Also easy salamanders to start with are the Asian types such as Cynops oriŽntalis and C. pyrrhogaster.


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