Young and happy.... on the second floor.

He would read his paper,
while she cooked.

It all changed when she got pregnant.
He started buying her flowers.
And he cooked for her.

He didn't seem to notice,
that she slowly changed.
She was silent.
And became ill.

One day she left early.
She came back with a present.
A birdhouse, and a card that said 'sorry'.

He realized what she had done.
He became withdrawn,
and too nervous to go out.

He was scared on the street
and in supermarkets.
he only left the house
to buy plants for his balcony.

Only one person didn't scare him....
The neighbour's little daughter
Looking through the window,
as he watered his plants.

He placed things with the flowers.
Especially for her.
Garden gnomes, a little bird,
....and a plastic duck.

He built a garden on the roof.
And photographed every flower.
And when the weather turned,
and all his flowers died....

He collected the seeds.
And covered all his plants.... help them through
cold winter months.
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