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junk DNA, or: living sonnets

The idea of junk DNA is a synthesis between the statistical workings of evolution and the conceptual cent mille milliards de poèmes written by Raymond Queneau in 1961.

The first pulldown-menu contains the first lines of the 10 junk DNA-sonnets, the second menu the second lines, etc, so, the fourteenth menu contains the last lines of those poems. Combine each of these lines one by one with every other line, and a total of 10^14 ( poems will emerge. If you were able to read a poem a second, it would take you three-million (3.000.000) years to read all of them, which means that if you started reading when the first human beings began to pollute the earth with their rudimentary language, you'd be ready by now; or, put the same another way, if each and every human being would start to read today - reading a unique poem every minute, for 8 hours a day - the job would be done in a month.

By sheer statistics (and what's evolution else than statistics dancing with DNA) some of these poems will contain some real DNA, and are therefore, in a sense, living! - evolving with every decision, coming into being with each mouseclick made, and, breathing the minute you're reading it! If you want, you might even whisper a fitting name for them.

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