From I.E.V until V.I.N

Arthur Felix Justinian de Rozario,

Born on the 4th of May 1900 at Batavia

Old Referendary Department Of Finances Dutch East Indies

Old General Management Personnel Department Custom House Dutch East Indies

Wearer Of The K.N.I.L. War Memorial Cross

Old Honorary Member And Old Principal Senate Of The Former “Bataviaasch Students’ Society Fraternity”   

Last Deputy Union Chairman Of The IEV In Batavia

(For His Articles Pseudonym Ader)

Old Chairman Civil Servant Federation (Batavia)

Old Town Councillor Of Leidschendam (Holland)

Old Principal Management T.N.O. Institute Delft (Holland)

In the early thirties he joined the IEV.

During World War II he was prisoner of war in

Bandoeng from March the 7th 1942 until June the 13th 1942


a short time to Tjimahi and a longer time to Flores from June the 14th 1942 until August the 15th 1945.

After capitulation, War Prisoners

 were temporally transported from several places in Asia to Singapore,

to arrange family reunion and recuperate.

From Changi Prison, where they temporally were kept,

he arranged  a new temporary Board for the IEV,

all before he was reunited with wife, children, family and friends.

Because D.E. Wermuth was too ill to function he became

Deputy Union Chairman.

In the new temporarily board took place,

P.A. Blauw – A.F.J. de Rozario – A.Th. Bogaardt.

(In 1949 R.E. Weiss was elected as the new chairman)


During the Round Table Conferencing he also was selected to join the meeting.

They tried to apply for a transitional regulation after sovereignty conveyance.

Unfortunately there was no positive result for the Indo-European community.

After the Independency of Indonesia, choosing for Indonesian Citizenship was no

solution.  Indo-European kept on staying "Belanda". The Indo-European had to leave their

Mother-Country. Most of them left with sadness in their heart to Holland.


In 1950 he and his family came in Holland.

Like many of them, they settled in The Hague and surounding.

Very soon he joined the board of the VIN to continue his work for the

Indo-European Community.


In 1958 he gave Tjalie Robinson, on request,  advices for the Pasar Malam Besar.

He should know what was best for the Indo-European.


On November the 1st 1969 it was 50 years ago that the IEV, a union for the rights

of the Indo-European community in the former Dutch East Indies, was

established. The establishment  was on the 13th of July 1919.

On that occasion  a commemoration took place in the Congress Building

in The Hague. Hundreds of people were present.

Special guests were Jhr. Mr. A.W.L. Tjarda van Starkenburg Stachouwer,

the last Governor General of the Dutch East Indies and

Mr. A.Th. Bogaardt, the last Lord Mayor of Batavia.

The commemoration was conducted by A.F.J. de Rozario,

the last Deputy Union Chairman of the IEV.   

A.Th. Bogaardt, A.F.J. de Rozario, A.W.L. Tjarda van Starkenburg Stachhouwer.


In 1970 he planed with Ir. Regensburg and others the

War Memorial for the Indo-European Community at Scheveningen.

The celebration of 15 august in the Congress building was a start of a yearly event.

An event in which the Indo-European community memorize the Pacific war.


In July 1973 he wrote his last article for the VIN periodical.

November the 2nd 1973, on All Souls Day, he passed away after a long sick-bed,

and after he got the Last Sacraments of the Holy Church. 

To soon, to young he left family and friends.

We hope he rest in peace.

He gave his life for his people.


(Don't Forget To Remember Me (Him))